Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm o.k.!

Well i'm back home, sore but o.k.

The funny thing is that unlike ralph they didn't just put a bandaid on they put this humoungous amount of tape on it, i'm talking right up to my belly button and almost down to my knee and they put the big stone in between the tape to keep pressure on the site. So when i'm wearing clothes i look like a guy who's how do i put this excited!! Yep the rock plus all the gauze is that big :)

Oh and they ended up putting 2 stents in as the blockage was bigger than they thought.

Before the surgery i was talking to the surgeon who sat there eating a chocolate chunk cookie from Tim Hortons. I was teasing him because i couldn't eat anything to which he said don't worry i'll get you one. So after the surgery was finished he left and came right back with a cookie wrapped up with a sticker on it with my name and put it on my chart so that they'd take it up to my room for me :) Ahhhh he' s such a sweetie!!

And the other thing that was weird is that i was one of the last day surgeries so when they took me to recovery there were about 20 beds there and i was the only one there! It was like the twilight zone. And having to lay absolutely still flat on my back for 4 hours was definitely no fun and trying to sip water flat on my back wasn't either!!

So for today i'm kind of hobbling around trying to keep my leg straight. But he says i should be walking around o.k by Saturday.

Anyway i couldn't sleep on my back so i decided to get up and post this :)

Have a great day!


  1. Glad to have you back (and no longer on your back!).

  2. so when you say you're "hard as a rock" you're not kidding and you are "happy to see us" ;D
    I guess now you'll get a first hand account about what it's like to walk around with one of "those".
    heehee ... sorry ... it's too funny.

    I'm glad everything went well for you, Cookie!
    (that was very sweet of him ... WoW ... that cookie would've cost about $3,216 in the US if you got that in the hospital)
    So here's to a speedy recovery, Suzanne!

  3. Welcome home, glad to hear that everything went ok :)

  4. Glad to hear everything went well! Glad to have you back!!

  5. Welcome back!! Glad you are on the mend. It's always a relief when it's over, isn't it?

    What a thoughtful Dr. Don't find many of those around anymore.

  6. So glad you're doing well!
    Interesting about the stone.
    In the US you only get a sandbag.
    And definitely NO cookie!

    In the US the Nurses would have eaten the cookie and said "what cookie? was there a cookie? *chomp*"

  7. Sooo good to hear everything went ok. I laughed at the "like a guy excited" part lol. That was sweet of your doctor to go get you a cookie. Hope you will be up and around extra quickly.

  8. Glad to hear you are doing okay. Take it easy.

  9. Glad you are back home and on the mend.

    Your docotr sound very nice:)

    Take things easy



  10. Welcome to the other side! Glad you are doing okay - and that was nice of your doctor about the cookie!

  11. Cannot hold a good women down!! Glad you are back and doing better!!

  12. Glad you are back and that you heal quick!!! God Bless that man with the cookie!!! :)

  13. Glad to hear your doing ok!!!!

  14. Good to hear it all went well. Get some great rest.

  15. I'm ecstatic to hear you are back to your spunky self in no time! Take it easy, now, okay?

    Your doctor was sweet!

  16. glad youre back, glad youre ok, HOPING YOU ARE OFF SLUMBERING AND RESTING.

  17. Look at you! Trying to drink that water even while flat of your back, lol. I'm glad you're home and they found all the blockage.

    Take care!

  18. So glad things went well! Here's to a speedy recovery :)

  19. Glad you are doing OK! :) Take it easy during your recovery!!!:)

  20. I'm glad the surgery went well and that you are home. You had me laughing out loud at the rock comment. I love a good sense of humor!

  21. So glad you are back home! Hope everything continues to go smoothly and that you can shed your pet rock soon!