Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's leaving...

Jen goes back to Holland today! Yep lots of tears will be shed :(

The good news is that her boyfriend has an oral agreement to be hired at the University here when his contract is finished in Holland so that means they'll be coming back here :)

I have really enjoyed having her home again! Even the extra laundry. Now it will be quiet until christmas when my son comes home from out west for a visit.

And now back to regular programming. It means i'll be back to my normal routine once again. So tomorrow morning my butt is out the door for a nice long walk before work.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend. Our weather here is gorgeous and hot today.


  1. Sorry she has to go back, but sounds like they will be back for good soon!!!

  2. You two look so much alike. I´m sorry you have to say good bye again, but glad you already know she will be moving back. That gives hope.

  3. Sure is quiet without kids around. My wife is gone with the kids to the beach and I'm enjoying the peace, but till December??? Don't think I would like the house quiet that long.

  4. She looks so much like you. Both of you are beautiful.

  5. :(
    I don't have kids but it sure must be hard to see them go even if you know they're coming back.
    Thank God for Skype eh?
    It's a great pic of you and Jen, Suzanne.