Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's plan...

This morning i had a meeting followed by another meeting!! And yep i took my lunch :)

After the meetings it was time to stretch my legs by meeting up with my walking group!!

Ended up walking a total today of an hour and 40 minutes. Even the heat isn't bothering me today.
And here's some pictures from today: And these guys were after my lunch!!


  1. I love you photos, I will have to start taking my camera on my walks and see what I can find to share.

    We both seem to be doing well with the walking.


  2. Looks like a beautiful walk!

  3. Those are great pictures. I love to take walks!

  4. I agree, your pictures are beautiful. Do you resize them all the same size before posting? I did okay today. not great. Not awful. I want to get as comited as you! How do you type your stats like that on the side of your blog. Off to blog my day :)

  5. More great photo's from your walk!!!!

  6. AWesome pictures! Can I go with you next time?