Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too bad hubby!

We were having dinner tonight, pork tenderloin with scalloped potato and cauliflower and for dessert we had musselman's applesauce that i had won a while ago in a blog contest!

So as the hubs is eating the applesauce he says it's the best applesauce he's ever tasted, that is tasted like a fresh apple and that he loved the consistency. He also said to make sure we get that kind again!!

Only problem is we don't get it where i live in Canada :( Oh well, it was good while it lasted.


  1. Then it's only right that you Canadian bloggers come to Texas and get some applesauce.
    Or some MusselMen.

  2. Why kind of Musselman-forsaken country is this anyway?

    Time to win another contest ...
    The Prize Winner of Waterloo County

  3. That bites the big apple-sauce!