Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:

1. Keep exercising!-unfortunately it feels as though this week just slipped through my fingers i did exercise a few times but no where near enough!!

2. If i don't see what i want on the scale don't let it pull me down.-this is i did, i honestly knew i was doing what i needed to do (except for exercise) and wasn't worried what the scale said

3. Try a new food.-does it count when i go grocery shopping and make a sandwich from a bun i just bought, get to work to eat it and it's all mould on the bottom! Great appetite surpressant.

4. Realize that having a healthy lifestyle is an hour by hour/day by day thing. Just do my best :)- It's a slow process but i am getting better at it :)

5. Enjoy time with the hubs.-this i have been doing!

This weeks goals:

1. Move more :)

2. Enjoy the last few days with my daughter even though i'm working those days!

3. Get to the park to do some more tricep dips and pull ups.

4. Sometimes i have a hard time eating enough (weird, i know) so i'd like to try to get to at least 1200 calories every day.

5. As usual enjoy my journey :)


  1. Great goals and great that you're making most of them.

    I seem to set goals and then promptly forget about them. I need to follow your example and actually follow thru on them.

  2. Yup, we all need to just keep working at it!!!!

  3. Those "new foods" that just spring up on ya like that ... yuck.