Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:

1. Take it easy!!-Yep i did that :)

2. Keep exercising.-Nope i decided to just take it easy and do a full weekend at work and i figured that would be enough. It was, i'm wiped out just working!

3. Drink my water.-I had a couple of days where i didn't drink much water at all, but i'm back on the bandwagon again.

4. Enjoy the me time :)-This is going to sound strange, but i have a really hard time doing nothing. It drives me crazy :) But i did do it and i'm glad i did.

5. Keep working on figuring my camera out.-still in the process of doing that. But i'm a lot more comfortable with it.

This weeks goals:

1. Keep drinking my water.

2. Exercise this week. I'll start tomorrow by meeting with my walking group :)

3. Stay on my plan, veered off for a few days last week.

4. Chillax!!


  1. Good luck on your goals for this week!

  2. Sounds like you need that week of rest and relaxation! Ease back in!!!!

  3. Doing great! Me time is very important, but I agree that it is hard to do.

  4. You just inspired me! I'm going to start a weekly goal list too.

  5. I think I will also start a weekly goal list! great job this week!

  6. Nice goals. Chillax, I love that!
    You rock, you know that?

  7. Great goals! I just bought a camcorder and trying to figure it out. I just posted my first video on my website. Check it out.
    Click the link on my name and tell me what you think, I would love the feedback.

  8. Great goals!

    Also, have to say that the oatmeal with blueberry sauce from the previous post looks DEELISH. I will have to try that.

  9. #5 go over to MizFits house and babysit her crabby sick preschooler


    (so proud of you for nailing #4/the me-time enjoyment.)