Saturday, August 22, 2009

Went for a walk....

Today i made it out for a short walk. At least i was out in the fresh air :) Even though it looked like it was going to rain any minute! And believe it or not the leaves are already starting to change colour. And no i didn't over do it.


  1. Glad you got out for a walk... hope your back to normal soon!

  2. yes, walking is good for the circulation and i think they probably want you to do this don't they?
    it wouldn't be good to just sit around i don't think.
    I'm so happy that everything went well for you, Suzanne and that this is finally behind you.
    Leaves turning already ... *sigh* ... where does the time go?

  3. I'm glad you didn't overdo it, but I know that it's good to move the body some. What beautiful pictures and a lovely place to walk!

    Sending fast-healing vibes your way.

  4. Thank you for coming by and commenting on my blog! The support I have been receiving frome everyone in this community has really done a lot for my commitment levels. I hope your recovery is a quick one!

  5. I always love seeing pictures of people's scenic routes. Living out in the desert really makes me miss the color Green :)

    Glad you got out for a nice little stroll today!

  6. Good that you're out there---Beautiful scenery. Very nice Suzi---
    Not over doing it is a good thing!

    My best always