Friday, September 11, 2009

A change in habits!

Today as my snack i had put a muffin there. However when i woke up i realized i didn't have any :)
I found a package of fat free banana muffin mix in my cupboard and decided to make that with raisins. What i used to do when making something was to have at least one right away, because i have to make sure they taste alright. Not today. Today i made them, even gave them to my hubby for breakfast. They are still sitting there. I do have one planned as an afternoon snack.

Wow that is a major hurdle for me!!

Anyway, today i did manage to get off of my duff and go for a nice walk. And as proof i leave you with some pictures. Have a great weekend guys :) And stay healthy.


  1. I'm new here but just wanted to say the little reading I've done has been so motivating. Congrats on not testing that muffin-that's a hard one!

  2. Asters and apples - you can really tell it's fall!

  3. That is a major hurdle! I'm used to always taste everything while I was cooking & when some one else was cooking, they'd bring it to me to taste, to make sure it was done. Fortunately we've changed those habits!
    Contested is posted on my "Losing My Body Fat" blog now.