Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's plan...

I went to stuff envelopes today and following that i went for my walk, even though it's raining here :)

I don't think i've told you that i'm registered for a 5K walk this Sunday. That should be fun!!

This afternoon i've got to go get my haircut as the board of directors are getting formal pictures taken tomorrow. I figured i may as well look tidy.

Here's some photo's of my walk today:


  1. Hey, good luck for your 5k walk! I'm sure you'll blitz it :)

    And haircuts are always good! (I need to get mine cut too. Not for any specific reason though, just because it's getting too long).

  2. Wow! Looks like quite a beautiful little walk. Where are these taken?

  3. What a lovely walk!

    Good luck with the 5K - you'll have a blast!

  4. Great job getting a walk in. The photos look awesome! I wish there was more green here in Las Vegas.

  5. These are exceptional photos today! I really needed this. Up late, can't sleep, down mood. You always bring me up though. I hope you got all accomplished that you wanted to get done today. Have a great night! :o)

  6. It looks like you live in an incredibly beautiful place-wow! Great pics.