Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy, busy!!

Yesterday i made turkey noodle soup from the turkey bones, today i made split pea soup with ham hock :) My house smells marvelous!

Between doing that and going for walk and then working it's been a really busy few days.

Alex goes home on Monday so i'm trying to enjoy my time with him when i'm not working!

I don't know whether i mentioned that i put the scale away for the month of October but i'm loving it. I'm eating great and really enjoying my food without going overboard. I will weigh in on November 1 and then not again for another month i think.

It is really cold here and it feels like there will be snow any day. They've had it close by but so far we have escaped it.

Have a great weekend and now i'm going to try to catch up with my blog reading.


  1. You're sounding great! Enjoy the rest of your visit with your son.

    P.S. It's cold here too! Brrr.

  2. I can smell all the goodness all the way over here! :D

    Don't ya just love a good homemade soup on a crisp fall day?

    It's in the 40's here ... I'm still in Farenheit.

  3. I think that's a great idea, not worrying too much about the number on the scale and just doing things because you know they're good for your health :)