Thursday, October 22, 2009

More busy days ahead....

If i'm not around too much this weekend don't worry :) Today i'm working, tomorrow and Saturday i'm at a board of directors retreat and Sunday i'm working again.
Then on Monday i'm putting on a Halloween pizza and bowling party! Good times for sure, but very busy. The entire weekend i will be trying to eat as healthy as possible, and doing the best i can with the choices that are presented to me.

Yesterday was my second Yoga class. Wow they do make it look easy, but to do it?? Hard!! I thought i was in 1/2 decent in shape, NOT. I'm going to have to start doing some major work to even start to be in shape.

Still no "s*#@" here, you know that white stuff :) Shhhhh.... don't say it out loud you'll jinx it!

Hope everyone's having a great day.


  1. No #$%^&*(@! here yet, either. But it is certainly turning cooler and drearier.

    Your party sounds like fun. I'm not sure I'd be able to resist fun foods like you do. YOu are to be commended. YAY!!!

  2. omg yoga is so much harder then it looks! :) Happy to be back blogging now and able to check up on you again.

  3. That's why i still don't feel comfortable going to a yoga class! Because I know it's harder than it seems :P

  4. snow snow snow!!!! Oh yes i did!!!! we barely get any here so i am of course just jealous ;)

  5. Rain here today and kind of blah.

    I just bought a yoga dvd ... with bob from biggest loser. haven't tried it yet though.
    it's hard? yikes ... i thought it would be easier :)

    have a great weekend, Suzanne!

  6. Keep up the yoga! The more u do the easier it get's! ;)

  7. Thank goodness you are not posting those pics with that white stuff yet!!!! LOL