Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today we had a sit down meeting to figure out how to deal with housing so that we don't have to move. Luckily our Dr. has written a note saying how much stress my husband is having over the thought that we may have to move! We have a lot of people fighting for us and we are lucky to have so much support.

Thankfully my dental issues have been fixed for now. I will eventually have to get caps when i can afford them but for now it's o.k.

Went on another walk today and of course had to take pictures. Now you understand why i was under stress when my last camera broke. I love getting outside and finding beautiful things to take photo's of.

Tomorrow is yoga which i am definitely looking forward to. Even though i was a little stiff the day after doing it last week :) At least i know i'm working it!


  1. I hope you don't have to move! That would be just wonderful.

    I love how you take pictures from all different vantage points - it makes them very interesting to look at.

  2. Fingers and toes crossed you don't have to move, it is far too stressful. I have done it four times in four years.

    I look forward to seeing your photo's, it is like sharing a walk with you. Keep them coming:)



  3. Hope everything goes well and that you don't have to move!

    I would love to be in that place to take some photos.. it looks seriously amazing!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Man, I wish the trees changed colors down here. I have green all year round and hate it. I really miss seasons. Now I see why you missed your camera so much. I'd miss taking pix of those beautiful sights, too. :)

  5. I missed something here. Why is there a question of you having to move???
    Boy, Suzanne, I hope everything works out in your favour!

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous! Especially the cat. ;)

    I am sending you good vibes and hope you don't have to move.

  7. Rooting for you to not have to move!!!

    The pics are LOVELY!!!

  8. So happy that your getting the support you need! You've been there forever and live close to everything. I'd be such a pain the the butt if the made you move just because you happen to have an extra bedroom! (Which is using for fitness in the Winter! That's a valid point!)
    Hope they see the sense in letting you stay!

    P.S. I just made my own pumpkin puree! :D and pumpkin seeds!