Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:

1. This weeks schedule is a little crazy. What else is new! I'm going to take time to enjoy where i am each day. Chillaxing :)-I did do some chillaxing this week!

2. Keep up the walking. This should be easy as i have lots of meeting and i can walk a fair bit.- i did get some walking in but not as much as i would have liked.

3. Look up some new recipes- I did and i tried a couple of new things, have more coming up this week.

4. Keep taking leftovers or homemade food to work. I'm enjoying this a lot more than frozen dinners and there's way less sodium.-this i did, i can't remember the last time i took a frozen dinner to work.

5. I won't forget question day :)- I didn't :)

This weeks goals:

1. I want to sit down and change things up a bit with my menu planning and eating.

2. Keep de-cluttering. I've done great so far, but i need to keep going! I actually cleaned out my big freezer and some drawers this week.

3. Walk or other exercise. MUST DO MORE :)

4. Need to sit down and tweak my budget.

5. Make sure i'm taking my meds when i should be. Lately i've been forgetting them in the morning and i end up taking them before bed. I must do better than that.

How did you do with your goals last week and what goals are you aiming for this week??


  1. Good job!! I need to do a lot of these things too!!

  2. Looks like you had a great week overall, Suzanne.
    I love the tree pic.

    I need to work on my decluttering. I look at the big picture and get overwhelmed and don't start at all.
    Baby steps.
    I'd like to try a new recipe too this week. I tend to eat the same things cooked the same way all the time.
    My goal is to walk every day for at least 45 minutes on the treadmill and to keep eating clean.
    and to do the Wednesday question day because you will NOT forget it :D

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  3. frack :)

    you had to say BUDGET didnt you.

    Im with you on that.
    between a new tire and the childs unplanned surgery I spend THOUSANDS last wekk.

    Im in.