Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good morning!

This morning my alarm went off louder than usual, at least to me! And i lay there for several minutes arguing with myself about whether to get my butt out of bed or should i set the alarm for an hour and go back to sleep.

Grudgingly i climbed out of bed for some reason i was craving a sweet drink but i stopped and remembered that having water and green tea had been great all week and why stop!

Instead of doing a few things around the house i went straight on the computer. In fact i ate my brekkie while on the computer :)

No sooner had i finished with reading on the computer (does it ever really stop?) than i thought i should get ready for my walk. No i really wanted to keep my butt on the computer chair and veg!!

In the end i very begrudgingly hauled my butt off the chair and went upstairs to get ready, my legs feeling heavy the whole time.

Once dressed i thought to myself i'd just go for a short walk as i wasn't really into it today.

Well an hour later with a glow in my cheeks i'm feeling great and full of energy :)

Some days it does pay to argue with yourself.

What are your plans for today????


  1. Spunky You! I will try and keep your post in mind once I get home and try to talk myself out of walking!!!

  2. I am working on cleaning out the garage of my old house so I can get it rented out. Will be hard work lugging stuff out of there and am definitely counting it as exercise!

  3. I've done an hour on the treadmill so far and am getting ready to do another.
    I'm going to Amherstburg this afternoon for the 4km Santa Race to see all the people dressed as Santa running. Then the Santa Claus parade is on at 6 and then it's off to my friend's bonfire.

    It does pay to argue with yourself and often that's when I have the best workouts.
    Hope the rest of your day goes well!

  4. You´re an inspiration to us lazy "butts" out there! :) Good for you!

  5. Good job getting out there and walking!