Monday, November 23, 2009

One Christmas dinner down

Tonight was the work Christmas dinner at a all you can eat Chinese buffet!

First of all we got a surprise because we won the platinum award for inspections :) We usually win that every year! We scored 97% on our inspections this year!
So what did we get??? A digital video camcorder with 8x zoom!! Look out i may have to start doing the odd vlog now and then.

So what did i eat? Well i started with a nice green salad with mushrooms and snap peas and a couple of cold shrimp. I added maybe a tsp of italian dressing.
Then it was up for a pile of veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, mushrooms, and some seafood. Mussels, shrimp and more shrimp and some crab. Which is exactly what i had planned on having :)
For dessert?? Half a kiwi and a sliver (and i do mean sliver) of cake!
And my beverage of choice?? 2 glasses of water and 2 pots of green tea

All in all i enjoyed myself, i'm not overly stuffed and now i'm chillaxing and wondering how hard it's going to be to learn how to use the camcorder.

Success at an all you can eat buffet.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you did great at the buffet dinner!! Nice camera...looking forward to the vlog!

  2. WooHoo! That's like one of mine. I have a Mac now and am having a b*tch of a time figuring out how to upload the video. Yours will be easier to do on the PC apparently. I want to see and hear you on a vlog so hurry up and figure it out! :D
    Good stuff on all the healthy eats! I never doubted you'd make the right choices.

  3. Wish our holidays were more spread out. Thanksgiving first, then the bombardment of Christmas. Too much.

    Nice camera.

  4. What a wonderful gift!! I can´t wait to see your first vlog! That is so great. And your dinner sounded awesome too!