Monday, November 23, 2009

Some pre-planning!

Well tonight i have an all you can eat Chinese buffet to go to!

How am i going to handle this? Well for one thing i've eaten lighter so far for breakfast and lunch so i have plenty of points/calories left for dinner. And since i've been doing this since the dinosaur age i'm going to have a pretty good guess about what can i eat without overdoing it :)

Another thing i've done is to go on a walk to a meeting i had today and this afternoon i'm popping my shoes on to get another walk in, and hopefully taking a few pictures.

The only thing i'm going to drink at the buffet will be water and green tea. I've decided i'd rather come home and have a glass of good wine with the hubs and a movie than drink there which may make me a little too relaxed on eating and hard on the pocket book :)

I'll be back soon with pictures from my walk.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan and will be fine.

    I have a hard time doing anything out of my routine. I can't eat less for breakfast. I've tried!!!

  2. Hope you have a lovely, refreshing walk and that you enjoy your night out.
    Planning is everything, eh? You do very well at it.