Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Here how last weeks goals went:

1. Find a couple of new exercises to do this week-Does learning some new yoga count :)

2. Make more soup! I love homemade soup-made more split pea soup with ham

3. Start deleting pictures on the comp that i don't need-Weeeeeeel i started, maybe?

4. Relax and choose to go with the flow :)-that i have after having a bit of a meltdown

5. Do more cleaning and decluttering!-ummmm not:)

6. Never give up!-i never do!!

This weeks goals:

1. Walk 5 days this week and go to yoga

2. I have to eat out 2 days in a row this week so i just want to make the best choices i can

3. Catch up around the house, hopefully :)

4. Make sure i drink my water, got a little behind last week

5. Just have a great week and be very happy!


  1. split pea soup has got to be one of my favorite homemade soups. yum.
    yes, new yoga moves count. :)
    cleaning? decluttering? what's that? ;)
    meltdowns should be covered in chocolate as far as I'm concerned and not count calorie-wise.

    I'm confident you'll have a great week ... again! and that you'll make the best choices eating out. You've gotten really good at that. Be confident!

  2. New yoga moves count.

    I always put decluttering and cleaning on my to-do lists and then never get it done. It's okay!

    Hope you do have a great week!! :)

  3. Mmmm split pea soup! It's been ages since I've had some - now I want it! I like your new number five goal for this week :)