Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekly goal update...

This week was a great one! I ate really healthy tasty foods :) I exercised 6 out of 7 days, i drank my water and my stress has been pretty low.

Tomorrow i've planned a craft afternoon where i volunteer so that should be fun.

December 8 is the Christmas party for over 250 people! Did i happen to tell you that i make 22 bags of cranberries every year for it :) The house smells wonderful when i do that.

Now onto my goals, these were my goals last week:

1. Walk 5 days this week and go to yoga-Actually exercised 6 days this week :)

2. I have to eat out 2 days in a row this week so i just want to make the best choices i can-I was really happy with the choices i made

3. Catch up around the house, hopefully :)-ummmmm well at least a little bit

4. Make sure i drink my water, got a little behind last week-managed to drink at least 8 cups everyday

5. Just have a great week and be very happy!-this week was a definite yes!!!

This weeks goals:

1. Lift some weights

2. Start decorating the house for Christmas

3. Stay away from the goodies that end up on our staff table at work :)

4. Sort one more cupboard in the kitchen

5. I'll say it again, have fun!!

What are your goals for this week and how did you do last week??


  1. Good Morning, Suzanne!
    I think you and I are sisters in the decluttering (not) dept. :)

    My goals this week are to be excellent with my eating,
    treadmill twice a day for an hour each time (!) and also to do something fun for myself.

    Cheers to another fantastic week for you!

  2. Just found your blog. Great site. Hope you and I are successful in weight loss!

  3. Hi, again! Thanks for visiting my blog. FYI: I'm going to make yours (this one) a link in mine under "Weight Loss Journeys." Have a great week. :)

  4. Wonderful job on last weeks goals! Exercise was awesome!

    Wow! 250 people? That's huge. You will do great this week!

  5. one and five.
    especially five.

    here's to a great week for us!