Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yet another dinner out :=)

Yes tonight i'm off to a board of director meeting where they have dinner catered tonight! No idea what i will have yet, but i do know they usually have salad so i'll probably have a big salad and a little of whatever else they have :)
Do you see today's squirrel? He looks like one of the branches :)
To help make sure i don't gain from the dinner i did another hour walk today! No sitting around this week, tomorrow is yoga.

And yes i will eventually i hope make a vlog post but it may take time as i'm not technologically smart! There are still things on my digital camera i haven't figured out yet :)

Oh and when i peaked in the mailbox i got a nice surprise!! A free long sleeve t-shirt from NutriMirror which i won when i was in a challenge to stay "green" for a month! Green being within nutritionally healthy numbers, calcium, carbs, fat, protein etc. When you join this free website and enter your foods the goal is to get all your food journal looking green :) It works for me, i love that site!

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