Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can you guess??

Take a guess what you think this is ;) Got it in my secret santa gift yesterday!

And this seasoning by Epicure chili lime is one of my favorites this year, and i've ordered some new ones to try for the new year :) I'll let you know what i think of them.

Still not ready for Christmas and won't be until Tuesday!! Good job i don't have too much to do :)

Hope you're having a great day


  1. I say a whisk too. A kind of arty looking one.

  2. It looks like a scalp massager to me :D

  3. I LOVE your secret santa gift...
    totally amazes me how it "works" every time and I never get used to it.

    enjoy :)

  4. Yea it looks like one of those head messagers to me too!

  5. I saw the answers, so I can't guess, but before I saw it I would have though a whisk!

    I am so busy too!!

  6. I saw your answer, but I so thought I knew it was a whisk! :) Great gift! The chili lime seasoning sounds great; I love spicy/citrus combinations.

    Have getting ready for Christmas! :)

  7. Oh a friend has one of those head massagers - it is SO nice!! Enjoy it as you relax for Christmas!

  8. The chili lime seasoning sounds great!