Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He made me do it!!

Yep i took the hubs out to lunch and then we were off to a very nice mall to do some major shopping :)

Well the hubs decided that i absolutely needed a new coat! Well i fought him as best i could, but he insisted and i gave in :) Love my new coat.

So we spent an afternoon buying a pepper mill, a new coat, some nail polish, some dark chocolate peppermint lindt balls, some t-shirts for the hubs and some ice cream, oh and some bodacious tea!!

I actually tried my first cup of matcha tea, which i loved, the hubby said it was o.k :)

Jen, i found the most awesome tea place in Conestoga Mall, over 100 different teas. Yeah, you know when you get home we're so going there!!

Tomorrow will be chapters and Harvey's!! Can't wait :)


  1. Where's a pic of the new coat? :)

  2. Oh! That sounds great! We'll definitely have to go :)

    And I love your coat! :)

  3. That tea shop sounds amazing! I love tea.

    What a grand shopping adventure! :o)