Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just back

Yep just got home from the Dr's. My physical went well, in fact he was very happy with my health. Now i just have to go get blood work done after Christmas :) Glad that's over and done with!!

Already have 50 minutes of walking in and i'm going to walk to my meeting this afternoon so i can strike off having to exercise today.

I tried something different this morning. I had 3 egg whites and a slice of turkey bacon, then i had 1/2 a serving of oats with flax seed and 1/4c egg nog!! It had really held me over until i could get home for lunch which wasn't until 1:30 pm.
I think i'm going to try having a bit of protein with my meals that just might help with my cravings.

Hope your having a happy healthy day :)


  1. Glad that your physical went well! Getting protein in with meals seems to be so important- I need to get more protein in my diet also!

  2. Having protein as part of my meal really helps me stop craving everything!