Saturday, January 31, 2009

For those who live in Ontario, Canada :)

Yes we have a canadian coupon!!

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Enjoy guys :)

Your right!

Ha i had to laugh when i checked my e-mail last night and the comments pretty much said "good luck on the sugar but we know you won't have it"!!

And yep i didn't have any :) The longer i'm going without sugar, the easier it is to resist! But i do have to tell you my trick. 12 almonds, yep that's right, i take almonds to have on my second break at work and it seems to help with any hunger/cravings especially with a nice hot cup of green tea ;)

I also agree with other bloggers who say to have protein. Now i don't always do it but i do try to have protein at each meal and i have been upping my fat intake a bit. Healthy fat that is, olives, olive oil, almonds etc.

So tomorrow is my official weekly weigh in day and to tell you the truth my weight has been so up and down this week i don't even want to hazard a guess where it will be! Now this is probably a combination of things. I think i'm probably doing a bit of the pre-menopause thing, but also i haven't been exercising as i usually do. And that is no ones fault but my own. Definitely something i'll be working on:)

And yes i'm back to work tonight! 

Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday!!

Yep it's that time of the week again :)

Usually means someone has phoned in sick at work or will be phoning in that they're not showing up for the night shift! 

And it's one of the busiest nights of the week.

So what does all this mean=stress!!

If there's any night that i may give in and partake of some sugar it would be tonight! So what stops me?? Well there's the fact that i know, for a fact, that if if have one small bit of sugar i'm going to end up bingeing on it. There's also the fact that a girl that works tonight visits my blog :) She helps to keep me accountable! Plus there's the fact that my weekly weigh in is in two days and i'd like to see a loss this week!!

The one thing i don't have to worry about is it being a football weekend as i don't watch it or go to parties for it :) All it will do for me is make sunday a very slow day at work.

Here's hoping we all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, we deserve it!! 

New recipes!

I tried these yesterday and thought you might like the recipes :)

The was really tasty and creamy!!

This was really tasty and i will definitely be making it again :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have a perma grin on :)

Tonight at work a lady came in. I served her and she seemed to hesitate for a few minutes. 
Then she said "you're the lady who does all the walking, i've seen you walk all the time. You've lost a lot of weight. Your looking really good, in fact you look 10 years younger. Way to go"

Well i have to say i can't stop smiling. That lady just made my week, and made staying strong this week very worth while :)

Glad i took my dinner :)

Last night was a staff meeting during which they were serving pizza! I decided to take some homemade soup and melba toast and some grapes :) Glad i did since a couple of people i asked how their pizza was, said it was not good!

Am i perfect?? Far from it! However i am learning what my body needs and i try my best to eat it!

Two chances this week to go off plan and i stuck to my plan :) Even though my scale is showing my weight going up for some strange reason this week, i'm not giving up. I'm feeling strong and healthy and i don't have cravings which is a big thing for me. So whether the scale is showing me love or not i'm still going strong.

Now that is a major NSV for me! Usually when i don't see what i think i deserve on the scale i end up binge eating. Not this time. This time i'm staying on track for me and for my health!

How is your week going??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And i went for a walk :)

And when i got back look what i found!!

Postitive things this far!

Having pumpkin protein pancakes for breakfast :) Healthy ingredients, flax seed, oats, egg whites!

Still loving my green teas!

I TOTALLY enjoyed my food :)

Glass of red wine and a square of dark chocolate!

I feel as though my body is happier and healthier with my food choices this week.

When making roast beef au jus i chose whole wheat buns over white baguettes :)

I won some freebies!!

When i went to a Board of Directors meeting last night i didn't know what they would be serving for dinner (usually is some kind of not very nice wrap) so i took my own veggies and hummus and some fruit! And since i'm realizing that i just can't have sugar, period, i won't have any of their small desserts!! (they ended up having cheesy lasagna, high fat cesear salad and french bread)

My idea of a "treat" is to pick up a coffee on my way to a meeting with a spash of soy in it :) And then have everyone tell me how awesome it smells during the meeting!! Never would have thought i'd say the word treat and not something with sugar in it :)

I love how hubby goes around telling all who will listen just how healthy we eat! His friends think i starve him to death :) He says he eats more now than he ever has!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank you!

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone for their suggestions on changing my eating plans up a bit.

I have been adding snacks. I have been increasing my veggies (although i always ate them)! And i have been having great success. One of the things i notice is that at work i had 12 almonds plus a fruit or a veggie or a cheese stick and i had no problem with hunger.

Another great thing is that i've had NO cravings :) I am making sure i'm not carb heavy but i still eat them. I just try not to have a heavy carb breakfast then another heavy carb meal at lunch, and it seems to be working.

And i have truly been enjoying my meals. The one funny thing i found is that i fill up quick.  I quite often can't finish my plate at i'm full, so i usually put it back in the fridge and if i get hungry later i eat it and if i don't i don't :) Now that is a major NSV for me!!

Although i'm eating almost like i was before these little things are definitely working for me. And i've stopped counting points this week and i'm pretty relaxed about it! However i did quickly point one days worth to see how i was doing and i'm pretty bang on with them anyway. So for this week i've been putting my food into sparkpeople and i'm hitting midway on all points for the most part (protein, cals, carbs, fats etc)!

Here's to another great week for all of us! And keep the great suggestions coming i do appreciate each and every one of them :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


Well it's my first day off this week :) So first thing i did was sleep in!!

Then i plan on doing a DVD workout. Going over to the grocery store for the ingredients for my roast beef au jus tonight.

This afternoon rather than sit around while hubs has gone to cardio rehab i'm going with a friend to the mall to walk around and then have coffee (friend like to walk around the mall for exercise so this will be twice i've exercised today :)

Then i need to catch up on my blog reading, of course.

Then the hubs and i will be putting our feet up and watching a movie tonight!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I won :)

Thanks to TB i'm going to be getting some goodies i've never had the chance to try :)

PB2, orbit gum,  and weight watchers smoothies!! I'll also be getting some quaker oats and some green tea :)

Thanks TB!! You know i'm going to enjoy them :) 

Weekly weigh in and goal update!!!!!!!

So this week, while not perfect (when is it ever :), was pretty darn good!! 

My scale showed a loss of -1.4  bringing me to 133.4 :)  Here's to another great week!

Last weeks goals:

1. try to come up with interesting, healthy meals even though i'm trying to use up old foods.-I rocked this one :) Don't think i could have done it any better!

2. keep drinking that water.-Hey i'm just swimming in it this week!

3. go for walks as long as it's comfortable on my knee.-didn't get as much walking as i would have like to get in :(

4. plan my menus for next week.-this i did!!

This weeks goals:

1. Try to get more exercise in.

2. Think of the positive changes i'm making daily.

3. Drink my water.

4. Take time with my husband and relax!!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some interesting things....

Here are a few things that i've done this week to help me on my healthy living journey:

I've made sure i've drank enough water.
I made sure to buy more calcium when i ran out.
I remembered to put flax seed in with my cereal.
When i had a sub for dinner i asked for turkey and for just a little low fat sauce.
I drank green tea when i could have been drinking coffee all night.
I went to a Dr to find out how to deal with a problem instead of not bothering.
I started taking pictures of my food again and putting them on my other blog.
When i was full i stopped eating.
I tried to figure out how to deal with my cravings instead of just eating.

Small things, but boy do they add up :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


So i guess now i'm going for a catscan so they can see exactly where the block in the artery is. And whether it will be possible to do a stent or have to do a by-pass!!

Since he couldn't find a pulse at the top of my thigh or anywhere on my right leg he thinks it's a pretty bad block.

For now i'm taking baby aspirin!

This only makes me more determined to look after my health. Check out my great eats for today :) As he said "i'm really young to have this kind of heart disease"!!

Today is a busy one!!

I had to get up early to go to the cardiologist which i will update on here later :) I need to take the bus there and back.

Get home, get lunch and get ready for work!!

As far as the eating healthy goes, it's working so far. My craving have calmed down a bit and i'm satisfied!! I really enjoyed reading this post last night. I never quite stopped and thought of all the little habits i've changed that add up, even when i'm not having the most spectacular day eating i'm still doing great :) 

I have to try to remember that i don't have to be off my eating plan or on my eating plan, i just have to do the best that i can!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is day one

Today i'm starting my slightly different eating plan. It includes snacks :) And of course, lots of healthy food!!

It will be interesting to see how my hunger is!

And especially interesting to see if it helps with my cravings, which have been bothering me more lately.

Thanks for the great compliments yesterday, i really appreciate each and everyone of them :) I also got lots of compliments at the meeting i went to!

I'm a little stressed this week (which could also be bringing on the cravings),  i will be so glad to go to the dr's tomorrow to see when i'm going to have my operation!!

Today for my exercise i'm going to do a walk away the pounds dvd, every now and then i really want to do this one :) I suppose you could say this is a good craving!

Have you planned any exercise today?? I love getting new ideas or dvd titles from other people.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I give you red!

However i don't know why but i have a heck of a time taking photo's of me :) It looks redder in person believe you me !!


This is my last day off of work, i'm back to normal tomorrow and hopefully no one will want to throw anything at me :) At least it gave me time to unwind.

This morning i have an editorial meeting for a newsletter i help to put together. To get some extra steps into my day i'll get off the bus super early so i can walk for about 35 minutes!

Dyed my hair bright red last night, now i'm ready to kick butt :) Definitely gives me a morale boost anyway!

The cleaning out the fridge is going great. Last night we ended up with bbq'd porkchops (yep hubby bbq'd in the snow), brussel sprouts with a honey/dijon/dill glaze, and green beans with lemon pepper. For dessert we had rhubarb with cranberries!! Don't think i've enjoyed a meal any more than that, it was awesome :) Actually i should do this more often.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pretty proud :)

I have to say that this week i actually surprised myself!!

You see what with paying bills and christmas i found my self a little short of money this week, and i don't get paid till friday. So my plan was to not worry about what i was eating, but just to use up what was in the house. Sounds good.

Then i sat and thought about this for a while. I have lots of frozen veggies, frozen lean meats etc. I think i may be able to use up what i have and still stay on plan :) So i did what i always do i got out a pencil and paper and sat down and wrote what i have and i started to plan meals around it.

Now it's not as fruit heavy or fresh vegetable heavy as i usually do, and it's a little higher in carbs some times but it's pretty healthy!! So for the last three days i've stayed on plan and only two more daysto go and i can go buy a pile of fresh produce :) Oh and did i mention the scale is down?? GO TEAM ANGIE :)

Oh and is anyone else getting annoying comments left by people wanting your link info????  :(

My favorite place

Can you guess?? The library!! That's where i'm off to today. I admit it, i'm a book worm :)  Are there any other confirmed worms out there?? I swear i hate it when there isn't a book in the house that i haven't read!!

Today i started my day with an old favorite protein pancakes!!

My plans for the rest of the day are pretty much to clean the house, got to get my butt in gear.

Oh and i've started doing the bootcamp workouts on sparkpeople, love them but they're kind of short so i hope to  finish 3 sets of them!

And what plans do you have for today??

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great news!!

I was asked if i would like to tag along with a group who are going to be doing yoga, nutrition/cooking, walking, and a FREE 3 month membership to the Y!! Oh yes, i'm already there!!

I was already thinking about different ways to incorporate more exercise and this will fit in nicely.

Sometimes opportunities come along at the most unexpected times :)


Started my day with bran flakes, blueberries, banana and flax seed :)

I met my walking group and walked for an hour :) After that i walked around the park a bit to grab a couple of pictures, of course!! Sorry i do take pictures of the same things sometimes :) But i love going through the park and can't help myself!

For lunch i had something i was brought up on, baked beans on toast. The reason i usually don't have them?? Too many points ;)  For one cup it has 240 calories!! However it also has 11 grams of fibre, only 1 gram of fat and a wopping 13 grams of protein :) So yep i ate them on two slices of very high fibre one point bread!! And yep they filled me up.

Thanks for everyone for their suggestions on snacking etc.. I'm always up for trying new things :) And saturday i will be starting some new ways of doing things and i'll be back on my other blog!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yoga kicked my ass :)

Yes i found a good yoga dvd that is about 1 hour and 10 mins. Well i lasted 30 mins :) And yep it definitely stretched my body!!

Before i went out to brave the weather i had to have sustenance:)

And then i decided to go for a walk :) Can we say i'm feeling better today??

Weekly weigh in and goal update

Well this wasn't my finest week but it definitely wasn't the worst either :)

So my weight today was down -.4 bringing me to 134.8!! Since my knee is really bothering me this week and i haven't been able to exercise as much as usual i'm calling a great week :)

On the food front,  this week was good, the coming week is going to be a little weird as i'm trying to use up food i have in the freezer and next week i'll be starting afresh with a freezer and fridge full of fresh foods :)

So my challenge this week is to stay on plan while eating things i don't usually, but i know i can do it. Since my food will not be very interesting i won't be posting my on but i'll try to throw some on this blog now and then :)  I will be back on my other blog saturday.

Now onto my goals:

Last weeks goals:
1. to get two serving of dairy in- really rocked it this week :) try to relax even though i was working a lot of days-despite having things thrown at me my stress level hasn't been too bad this week.
3.kick some butt on my dvd workouts-this i didn't manage to do as my knee has been bothering me but it's still something i'd like to work at.
4.drink my water-i rocked it!!

This weeks goals:
1. try to come up with interesting, healthy meals even though i'm trying to use up old foods.
2. keep drinking that water.
3. go for walks as long as it's comfortable on my knee.
4. plan my menus for next week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week is over!

I have never been so glad to see a week end!! I've had a muffin in a bag thrown back at me and i've had customers from  hell this week. I've been dissed i don't know how many times and if my happiness was based on work i may as well give up now :) Glad it isn't and i'm still spunkysuzi!!

Honestly i've been working on my stess levels only my customers just weren't co-operating!!

Oh and to top it some water pipes burst leaving us with no water for a few hours.

However, now i have a few days in a row off :) And i plan on relaxing and taking some me time.

Now if it would just warm up i'd be a happy customer!!

Have a great weekend all my friends :) Just think it could be worse, people could be throwing things at you!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

On the no sweetener, i'm doing great!! Well actually i did have it twice but i would still call it a total success so far :)

As far as the clean eating. I should have done a little more homework on it before i  started!! I've always been someone who just jumped on the wagon and off i go :)

So this week, since i have some days off of work, i'm sitting down and planning out menus. I'll be reading a couple of books and planning how i'm going to go about this :) The other thing that's against me this week is the decided lack of funds!! I don't get paid until next week and i will need to go to the store to get quite a bit of stuff.

So this week is all about planning, making grocery lists and deciding what i think will be the healthiest way for me to eat!! I won't go no carb because i just can't and won't do that :) I would like to go low carb. Lots of veggies and fruits and healthy proteins!! What i would like to try to do is to get a little protein, a few healthy carbs and some healthy fat in most of my meals and snacks. But we'll see what i come up with.

The one thing i can't seem to decide is whether to eat three meals plus two snacks or to stick to three meals!! Anyone have any thoughts on this one?? I'm open to suggestions :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just shaking my head....

I was sitting at work last night having my dinner break! Now there's someone at work who is sick a lot, and takes quite a few sick days each month.

Now i realize i shouldn't judge other people but i was sitting there eating my trout and veggies and the other person is eating the smallest container you've ever seen of spagetti-o's and a mini little white bun. And that's all, for dinner!! But what i can't get over is that i've never seen a piece of meat, a single vegetable or a fruit in this person's lunch box. And you wonder why your sick!!

Now some people would say well they couldn't afford to eat what i was eating! Well my trout cost $2.37 the veggies pennies because they were from big bags of frozen veggies. So my dinner cost less than a lot of frozen dinners.

I honestly don't think about what others eat much, but when it's right across the table from you, you notice these things! And i have noticed that when i'm in the grocery store i'm watching what other people put in their carts. 

I think a lot of this is coming from reports i've been reading lately about how bad the average persons eating is. Well i never used to think people were that bad, but lately i'm changing my tune :)

Have you noticed this more lately?? Do you watch what others eat?? Do you see that people's eating habits are getting worse or do you see the opposite and think it's getting better??

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How did day one go??

Well i have to say that after eating clean, the way i had planned yesterday i have had no cravings!! I do find green tea and other things interesting (odd) without sweetner, but not so bad that i can't drink them! Oh and i had a glass of wine last night, but i don't consider that a big deal as it's something the hubs and i like once a week or so :) Hey a girl has to have some vices!!

I find trying to plan meals a little harder because i'm so used to doing it differently. But that's not something i can't get used to. I may just go meal by meal until i know what i'll be doing for sure.

I do find it strange to plan a meal around vegetables and protein and not tring to add a carb to it :)

The real test will be when i'm at work tonight around all that sugar and see how my cravings are then!

Oh and it's -23 celcius here without the windchill!!! Brrrrrr.......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not much going on today :)

Well it's blowing 50 km winds outside and throwing snow in your face. Needless to say i'm inside!!

Today i've been thinking about my eating! Whatelse is new :) Anyway i've decided to try a couple of things. Now mind you they may only last a couple of days, who knows! 

One of those things is to stop using sweetner! Why?? Because i have the worlds sweetest tooth and i think sweetners is just making me crave more.

The other things? To cut back on my carbs a bit. I'm getting cravings lately, and i find the more carbs i eat the more carbs i crave. Now i'm not going no carb by any means i simply would like to eat them earlier in the day and not eat as much of them!!

Anyone else have issues with sweetners?? Now mind you i use (in my opinion) a lot of sweetner, i bake with it, i sprinkle it here and there, i take 2 sweetners in coffee and tea! About the only thing i don't do is drink diet pop, but that's only because i don't drink any pop :) One less habit to stop!

There you have it, my plan. Oh and later on today i'm doing a DVD workout (because i'm a wussy and i don't care how pretty it is outside today i'm staying in!!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

For anyone who would be interested!

These are the numbers that hubby got from his cardio rehab for heart healthy daily amounts:

Total fat per day 60-65g
Saturated fat per day 10-15g
Trans fat per day less than 2g
Cholesterol less than 300 mg per day
Sodium less than 2300 mg per day
Soluble fibre aim for 1-15 g per day
Insoluble fibre aim for 15-25g per day
For a total fibre of 25-35g per day

These are the numbers we have been using :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is annoying!

I have a counter at the bottom of both of my blogs. The one on this blog the last time i saw it was at something like 9,779 hits i was anxiously waiting to get to 10,000 then all of a sudden i can no longer see it!!!

Does anyone see it when they are visiting my blog?? I hate to have to take it off and start from scratch again :(

Eat when hungry!!

Well this whole thing about eating when hungry is easier said than done!! I ate my breakfast this morning at 9 because it's my day off of work and i work evening shift so i sleep in a bit :) Now it's 1:30 and i'm still not hungry!!

Now i do have my lunch ready for when i'm hungry as i don't want to turn into a raving lunatic and start eating everything in my cupboards!! And there not much there :)

I think i'll give it till 2 then i'm going to eat only because i would like to be hungry for my dinner at a reasonable time.

This listening to my body is very interesting i tell ya :)

Oh the other thing i've been doing today is experimenting with my water!! I've heard of people putting cucumber slices in with mint and i thought i'd try some new things. So today i've had cucumber slices with fresh basil, a couple of strawberries slices with a wedge of lime and really they're pretty good :)

Ah ha maybe that's why i'm not hungry, i've had six glasses of water!! 

Weekly weigh in and goal update!

Well i stepped on the scale this morning and i'm down 1.8 lbs bringing me to 135.2 :) I'm getting there!!

Last weeks goals:
1. To work out 6 out of 7 days!! Totally do-able with a little planning :)-Actually ended up working out 7 out of 7 days :)
2. Relax. I've been a little stressed lately and i really need to work on that!!-I have been working on that.
3. Enjoy my days :)-This i have done. I've had fun over the last week :)
4. Try to make sure i'm getting enough fats in my daily eating.-I have made sure to get at least 2 servings ofoils in a day!!
5. Journal!-Did this every day.
This weeks goals:
1. Try to get 2 servings of dairy in.
2. I'm working different days this week and i know i'll be tired but i'm going to try to relax about it!!
3. Try a new level on my dvd workouts, kick some butt!!
4. Drink my water :)
I think these are completely do-able!! At the same time i would like to continue to make sure i'm not doing any self sabotaging unconsciously :) I'm going to rock this week!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It could be the little things :)

Wow with that many people behind me how could i fail!!

I did awesome thanks :) Not that i didn't want other things but knowing i'd be back here telling you all about it, definitely helped!!

I was reading Ron's post today and it hit home. I am sooooo close to goal i can taste it. I know what i need to do but it seems the closer i get i start to do things to sabotage myself. Nothing major, but not measuring this, adding a little extra of this because really it's healthy and doesn't matter! As Ron says he used to take the crouton's off and now he doesn't!

I can see people shake their heads and think a couple of croutons are not going to kill you! But it's not about two croutons it's about what you do all day/all week that add up in the end!! And then you step on the scale and wonder why hasn't it gone down all week. I've followed the plan and it just doesn't work.

Oops i forgot to drink my water and well yes i used to work out 5 days a week and i've only gone out once. And we wonder why we don't lose?? :)

So my challenge for today is to realize any of the little things that we're sabotaging ourselves with! Are there any things that we do that we honestly don't think about any more??

I'll tell you mine. I eat because i woke up and it's breakfast time! And then it's 12 and it's time for lunch. Doesn't matter what time i ate breakfast and that i may not be that hungry, it's lunch and it's time to eat!! You have to realize that i get home around 11 at night and i don't go to bed straight away so i sleep in and sometimes i don't get my breakfast until 9:30/10!! And after eating oatmeal i cannot be that hungry 2 hours later.

My challenge to myself this week is to eat when i am hungry, stop when i am full. I'll post later in the week and let you know how it's going :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is the most stressful day of my week!!

Indeed it is!! 

It's Friday, at work it's usually all young people i'm working with :) That's not the stressful part, actually i usually have fun working with them!!

What is stressful is the fact that someone usually phones in sick so i'm short people, and i'm already short people as they are cutting back on staffing anyway!! And we are mucho busy, crazy busy. Sometimes my break is a lot later than usual because of this.

Which comes to my point. Yep, i had one :) So friday's are usually the day, if i'm going to binge it would probably be then. What to do??

1. Well recognize that this is a hard day of the week for me! Indeed i do.
2. Have a plan. I'm taking a healthy filling dinner to work so that i know i won't be hungry there.
3. Take my camera so that if i do have a melt down, know that i'm going to be honest and  will blog the truth!! That, right there,  is what usually stops me :)

Who really wants to go home and put on their blog that they had x amount of donuts and the only evidence left is the pictures, the sugar on your face, not to mention the war going on in your stomach??

So for today i know i will be o.k, because i know come tomorrow there will be comments asking me how i did :) And i cannot lie!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Noooo more......

O.k at work i know there are donuts, danishes etc.   But then i go to the meeting this morning and there are cranberrry scones, donuts and muffins!!

However to give them credit there was also yogurt and berries and fresh fruit :)

However, which one would i have had??  The junk!! But no fear, i'd already had my breakkie and i decided to just have coffee :)

Had you worried there for a minute :)

I decided to come home and have a lunch i was looking forward to!! (update, pita pizza and plain yogurt with agave drizzle :)


I have an early morning meeting for a couple of hours, then i need to meet with another person for hopefully around 30 mins. Take the bus home, get lunch and get ready for work!! Phew....

And my exercise for today???? Walking to the first meeting!!

I notice that a lot of new people are reading my blog, welcome!! Can't wait to visit your blogs :)

In case any of the new people wonder where i work, i'm a supervisor in a coffee/donut shop!! Yep gotta stay away from that stuff, i tell you.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I woke up this morning to a new layer of snow :) Which of course meant going for a walk!! Snuffy thought there was too much snow to go out :) Just his opinion of course!

Of course i needed nourishment first:

And here's the pictures from today's walk: Oh they're calling for 10-15 more cm friday and 5-10 more on saturday!! 
I loved seeing all the animal tracks and this is the only time of year i can walk these trails as they are swamp in the summer.

Then it's back to work :( Oh well at least i enjoyed my days off :)

And for those who were wondering i go to visit my cardiologist next friday and will find out then when i get my stent put in :)  A little scary but my leg will be a lot better after it's done!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweaty awesomeness!!

Katschi asked here for workout sweaty pictures!! Well i don't sweat much, but i worked out and i do see a slight sheen of sweat on my face and i do have muscles except it's hard to take a picture of them :) Oh and just for the fun of it, here's a picture of hubby (and he's 54 :) 

I learned something new!!

If you ever wanted to try butternut squash and didn't know where to begin watch this video, most impressive is that if you look down it also gives you nutritional stats on it (which is very healthy and low in calories)