Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today is the day i start adding some carbs. I'm going to take it slowly and see which ones trigger cravings!

I swear i have a carb sensitivity if that makes any sense. I just know i cannot go near sugar or simple carbs (white bread etc)

The biggest eye opener for me has been my hungar and my appetite. I have just not been hungry since cutting down on my carbs and my cravings have been zero :) The only problem i'm having is eating enough as i'm full quite easily!!

Never in my life did i think i would ever say that :) And of course i go to work this week and they've come out with a new donut chocolate cherry bloom to tease me with. And nope i haven't had one! Although everyone keeps asking me what they are like!

So overall i'm really happy with my eating lately, i'm having snacks and getting lots to eat. And trying new things.

I also managed to get lots of sleep last night so i'm feeling better today. Thank goodness, and thank you guys for all your well wishes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I spoke too soon!

Yes i was feeling better when i posted yesterday and then it went downhill from there!! I find it very strange to have to force myself to eat :)

Since i'm feeling a little dizzy and not quite on the ball i'm taking a couple of days of rest from working out. 

So today i'm trying to decide whether to go to work or not! I know if i phone in the assistant manager will have to do a double shift as there are no other supervisors that will come in! And i hate to do that to her.

Oh well, i hope everyone else is having a better weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling better today

I glad to say my stomach is feeling a lot better today :) I don't know what was going on yesterday but i had an upset stomach all day. And no it wasn't from the green smoothie !! It was actually pretty good.

And yes i did think about eating junk to see if it would ease my stomach (i know it makes no sense) but i resisited. I won't get to goal by going back to my old habits.

I'm feeling great about my eating this week. And next week i plan of add a few carbs a bit at a time. I'm just trying to find out how much i can do and still have no cravings or hunger!

Meeting with the walking group last night was great and motivational. Sometimes i need a bit of a kick in the butt to get me moving.

And today i'm off to work :) Where i will definitely not be touching any sugar laden foods, i promise!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another busy day :)

So this morning i'm off to two meeting so i'm taking along a veggie smoothie and a cheese stick to tide me over till lunch :)

Then it's run home to make lunch and get ready to go meet my walking group!

Tonight it's going to be putting my feet up and relaxing.

Tomorrow back to work.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun, fun, fun.....

Oh yes i'm having major fun with laundry and dishes up to my shoulders today :) Oh well i've got to get caught up with them sometime!! And i've learned the hard way there's no dish or laundry fairy in my house :) 

I'm also cooking up turkey burgers so that i can take that and some salad to a board meeting tonight! Have no idea what they are having so i'll just take my own :)

On my way to the board meeting my plan is to get off of the bus early and walk to a really nice park so that i can walk around and maybe take some pictures, and then it's off the the meeting where i get to park my fanny for 2 hours!!

Tomorrow i have two meetings in the morning and then i'm meeting my walking group tomorrow night!

Hope everyones having a great day :)

And these are my days off!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What i saw today....enjoy!


Well as long as the transit doesn't go on strike, i will be meeting up with my walking group today :) I love getting extra inspiration to get added steps into my day!

I have to tell you about something i find funny lately. Because the hubs and i have lost quite a bit of weight we have had quite a few people ask us how we did it. Now honestly they want the 2 minute version. So when the hubs begins to tell them what he eats and they realize it's not as easy as running to subway they tune out!! 

It's not that it's hard! It's that it takes time and planning and committment. Take for instance yesterday before i went to work. I had prepared breakfasts and lunches but i'd also thrown in the oven a pile of veggies so that i had them to take to work for dinner and the hubs had some for his dinner. This only takes a few minutes, however it does take planning :) 
And the latest thing people are saying?? They are telling the hubby how he's lost too much and that he can't be eating enough!! Well, he turns around and says to the guys i'll make you a bet that i eat twice as much as you do. And they still don't believe him :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


That's what i get for typing first thing in the morning after working last night!! I put 1/2 lbs it's supposed to be 1.2 lbs :)

Weekly weigh in and goal update!!

Well once again it's weigh in time and i'm happy to say i saw a loss this morning :) I'm down -1.2lbs  bringing me to 131.8!!

Last weeks goals:
1. Keep trying to listen to how things affect my body. And try to make my eating still enjoyable :)-o.k i don't want to (actually i do) toot my own horn but i have been so in tune with my body this week! I don't think i've ever really stopped to really feel what my body wanted. When it had had enough food i stopped, when i was thirsty i drank water. And i really do feel great this week :)
2. This week i start working out with my group so i will be going for more group walks, yoga and workout out at a gym. This week is walking.-Did start the walking and also found out i'm going to be in the paper for it :)
3. Drink my water.-Rocked the water this week
4. Feel good about myself and focus on the positives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-I did and i feel really good about myself this week!
All in all i would have to say i could not have done any better this week.

This weeks goals:
1. Keep listening to my body as i really think this is doing me a world of good.
2. Go to my walking group 2x this week and keep doing the weights which i really enjoyed last week.
3. Try to relax more at work and not get so wound up! There was drama there last night and honestly i don't need that.
4. Take time to enjoy my family. Must get on google video with daughter sometime soon. (it's hard she's in Holland and what with the time difference and my work schedule it's becoming challenging)
Thanks for reading my blog and sticking with me even though goal seems to be taking me sooolong to get to.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Snuffy will sit for ages staring at the ceiling, unless of course there's food to be had!

I'm back to work today :( Two days but then i have 3 days off!

Yesterday you should have seen me trying to have my lunch. I had packed a container since i knew i would be out. Well that i was, and i ended up trying to eat it in three different places and i never did finish it! Oh well the last time i tried was 3 in the afternoon and i just decided i'd rather wait for dinner.

It looks like i'm going to have a couple of busy weeks :)

I've been asked to do an interview for the newspaper about my experience with the walking group, i've been asked to do an update in front of a large group about what i'm planning for social outings with my volunteer group. I have many meeting coming up as well!! BUT Tuesdays are still mine and for the most part off limit to anything but things for me :) A girls got to have some me time.

Hope everyones having a great weekend! And hopefully better weather than i am :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Well i found out the results!

Of the angio plasty cat scan i had last week! I'm going to have to have a stent put in May he's hopeful he can do it as it's nearly totally blocked!!

For exercise today i went to meet my walking group and of course took some photo's :) I just can't help myself!! Very windy today.

Oh and snuffy says hi! Although he's busy right now figuring out the bathtub :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Positive things this week :)

I was reading this post and it inspired me to think of some postive things that i've done this week!

I went walking in the mall with a friend, then i had her drop me off at the library so i could get even more exercise in today.

I asked for help with how to get more veggies into my daily eating and i got some great answers, in fact it helped me to think outside of the box for dinner and i ended up making green beans with a dijon/sf maple syrup sauce that was awesome!!

I've been listening to my body more this week and it's worked. I'm not as hungry, i eat when i am hungry, i stop when i'm satisfied.

I took some extra time to try something different with my hair which made me feel good :)

I drank blueberry green tea which was awesome!

I feel really good about what i'm doing and where i am in this journey. And i have absolutely no doubt that i'll get to goal.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coupon for Canadians :)

Enjoy ladies :) (sorry guys)

A walking i will go!

So todays plan is to go mall walking with my friend while the hubs is at his last cardio rehab session! I love doing this and get lots catching up with my friend as well :)

Hubs loved his Valentines day stuff!! And was beaming from ear to ear.

As far as cutting my carbs that is going well so far. I actually feel "normal" this week. I don't think about sugar 24/7 and i'm not bothered by others eating it right in front of me :)

Exercise?? Has also been good so far this week, but this is what i did last week and the end of the week the exercise kind of fell off. So this week i have a new plan, on days i work i'm getting up an hour early so i can get some sort of exercise in!

I do find one thing hard and that is getting enough veggies in! Any great ideas?? I'm just getting bad at having broccoli and cauliflower all the time and although i love them i need other suggestions :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally :)

A day off!! I really need it as well, this weekend was a busy one at work.

So I started my day with a nice long walk. Now i had some unexpected energy today so instead of just trudging along i started bopping to the beat on my mp3 and lifting my knees as high as i could!! Good job no one was around to see :)

Picked up a couple more small things for the hubby :)

The hubs is going to bbq some steak tonight! Oh i can't wait, he is a total chef on the bbq i tell you.

I'm going to try something new today, edamame in the shell :) Does anyone else eat this? And how do you have it, warmed with salt, thawed and cold??

Did you notice how much i ate yesterday?? I can't get over how much i'm eating, not hungry and still losing on the scale :) Can you tell i'm enjoying this??

Monday, February 16, 2009

Talk about lazy...

That would describe me to a "T" for the last few days!! So i'm going to bite the bullet and do a jillian shred dvd workout today :)

I will be so glad to finish work today, it's been a long busy weekend!

Now as far as the eating is going, i'm feeling really good about it! I'm eating a lot more than i usually do and so far the scale is still going down a little. My cravings are almost non-existent and as far as hunger does i simply eat too much to get hungry until right before bed, in which case i just go to bed :)

And this afternoon i'm making Annettes flax seed muffin with sf jam.

I can't wait to give the hubs his surprise for Valentines day tomorrow. I'm making a kind of maze with clues on where to go around the house. And i've found all kinds of nice things for him to find.  At the end there will be two stemless wine glasses and a bottle of wine to share :) Don't worry he's not on the computer so no spoiler for him!!

Oh and guess where my daughter is going next weekend for her Valentines day?? Paris for a long weekend!! Hopefully pictures will follow.

Have a great day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly weigh in and goal update!

Well i have to tell you that lately i've been trying to listen more to my body :) Sounds kind of corny but well i think we're coming to a mutual understanding.

Even when i'm eating very healthy if i eat too many carbs i get cravings from ~*%^!! I mean all i am thinking about is eating 24/7. And all i want is more carbs and sugar anyway i  can get it.

Now even when i don't give in to this it's not very easy to live this way. And yes i know we all need carbs, i'm just beginning to believe that some carbs are way better for me than others. 
I do well with loads of veggies, some fruit, some complex carbs. I also seem to feel better when i up my protein and my fats. (Although they are good for you fats) And i'm going to be upping my dairy.

So this week you may notice that i'm not eating much bread, or pototoes or cereal. I'm just trying to tweak things so that they work for me :) Hopefully!

The other thing i'm thinking about is giving up my other blog but posting food pictures now and again on here! Any thoughts??

Now onto my weekly weigh in: this week i'm down  -.6 bringing me to 133.  I'll take that will a smile.

Last weeks goals:

This weeks goals:
1. I've really been stressing about being so close to goal and not getting there. This week i want to relax my thinking about that! I think stress will just keep me over eating and then i'll never get there! So laid back i will be :)- I have been a lot more relaxed about it this week and i'm trying to keep my eating simple and in tune with how my body feels :)

2. Keep the house up! I've cleaned and organized, now i want to keep it that way :)-ummmm well it was clean at the beginning of the week!! Oh well there's always this week.

3. Would like to play around with make up a bit this week. Yep i'm going all girlie!!-I did i even went to the Mac counter and bought some things.

4. Exercise :)-Well honestely, not as much as i would have liked to but at least i got some in!

This weeks goals:

1. Keep trying to listen to how things affect my body. And try to make my eating still enjoyable :)

2. This week i start working out with my group so i will be going for more group walks, yoga and workout out at a gym. This week is walking.

3. Drink my water.

4. Feel good about myself and focus on the positives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday February 14, 2009

Happly Valentines Day fellow bloggers!

This is what i found the minute i got to work yesterday :)

Today i made some little egg muffins for breakfast, first time i've tried them and they were good!!
I just put 3 egg whites, 2 pieces of chopped up back bacon, some green pepper and mushrooms and onions in muffins cups along with some seasoning and voila :) I think i may make some more of these and have them in the fridge/freezer this week!

Not much exciting happening around here today, just off to work later, hope everyone has an awesome Valentines Day :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tomorrow will not be valentines day :)

Ha ha bet i made you stop with that title :)

Actually I'm working straight through till Monday so hubs and i decided Valentines day will be on Tuesday for us!! I have some fun things planned for him. It will start with little notes around the house that will lead him to some non-food goodies :)

So today is back to work!! I've been in the kitchen all morning cooking stuff for dinners to take to work. It's the only way i can stay on my game plan :) Poor hubs gets up and all he can smell is salmon.

Trying another smoothie today with slightly different ingredients! But it looks the same. I think next time i'll put just blueberries and the green stuff in and see what happens :)
If you want to see the result click here ! Oh and i'm trying this for the first time i'll let you know my opinion.

Other than that not much excitement around here other than having to make a quick run to the grocery store before getting ready for work :)

And what are your plans for this weekend??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess what this is!

Now you have to realize that at work i get a lot of teasing about being short!! A lot of teasing :)
So tonight a customer came in with this for me: 
They said i was to put it in my hat so when i'm behind the coffee machines they will know where i am, and so that when the other people i work with come through the swinging doors they won't plow into me :)
Have to admit it gave me my laugh for the day!

Back to work!!

Yep it's that time of the week i get to go back to work among the donuts and the danishes!!

Anyway today i tried something new a green smoothie!! It had Kale, spinach, parsley, a few strawberries, blueberrries and banana and soy milk in it :) And it was really good. Now all i need is a better blender! Go here to see how it looks, don't hate the green well more like mud colour lol

I read someones (sorry i can't for the life of me remember who's) blog about how they always change their mind on how to eat! Well that's definitely me this week. I'm hovering between counting points and going with the nutritionals on sparkpeople. The difference?? I find i'm eating more on sparkpeople. I find sometimes although i eat my points my calories are often too low. I know i should also eat my flex points, and i do eat a few of them but i'm one of those people who hate to dip into them :)

So for this week i think i'll go with sparkpeople and see how that goes.

As for exercise this week has been pretty good and next week i start with that new group so i'll be joining the walking group at least 2 if not 3 times a week, depending on my work schedule.

Oh and i got the catscan done yesterday so February 20 i go back the Dr to find out what's what. I'm crossing my fingers they are just going to put in a stent!!

This just came in the mail today :)I won them!!  I don't know whether you can see it but it's stickers that say great snack, hi fibre good choice, i am a healthy heart food, hi cholesterol or high sodium, stop contains saturated or trans fats, and Not on my Diet!!  Now i'm going to go stick them everywhere!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!!

O.k stupedist thing i've seen in a while: I bought the cat a new toy, one that you put treats inside and they play with it and occasionaly a treat comes out :) Only the instructions are on the inside and i couldn't figure how to open it. After finally opening it, the first instruction was how to open it!!! Grrrr......

Anyway, this morning i went to stuff envelopes for a while for a newsletter i help to co-ordinate! Then it was off to get my angioplasty catscan :) Which of course was running late and even though i ate a great brekkie i was starving by the time i got home at 2:30!! Veggies never tasted so good.

So now i'm waiting because i have an appointment to get my taxes done :) And they we're off to the mall. Hope everyone's having a great day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today...(an original title) lol

So my new shoes took me on a walk today :) I'm definitely loving them!! Oh and yesterday i ended up getting 14,000 steps in.

So yesterday i had my interview to join the group that's doing the walking/yoga/Y membership thing. And i got a great compliment, we were doing blood pressure, weight etc and she asked to measure my waist. So i lifted my top up and she said wow you have a tiny waist :) O.k once again i have a perma grin on!

Today i'm going to cardio rehab with the hubs for his stress test. He finishes cardio rehab next week, that will make 4 and 1/2 months he's been going! And he's done great. We figure he has about 3 more pounds to get to his goal :) So far he's lost 56 lbs. Yep he's going to have a special valentines day this year!!

On a totally different topic, i'm thinking about making my own hummus. Does anyone have a great recipe they use?? Could you share it pretty please??

I can feel this is going to be a great week!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm finally home :)

So i did have a very busy day, but i still managed to totally enjoy it!! Went for a great walk and took pictures. Also i spoiled myself and got a new pair of shoes :) And guess who's going for a walk in them tomorrow??


Got up early this morning, checked the scale and i'm back down to where i was!! Now why wasn't i there yesterday for weigh in :)

Put a beef stew in the crockpot as i'll be gone most of the day today!

First i have an interview to join up for the yoga, walking, y membership thing :)
Then i have a council meeting of which i'm the chairperson so i can't very well miss that!
After that i'm off to meet my walking group and hopefully take some pictures along the way.
Then i need to go to the tanning place for my skin.
Oh and i take a bus everywhere so there's my entire day until about 4:00 :) Hopefully then i'll get home to a nice pot of stew and i'll put my legs up with a glass of wine and we're going to watch the movie The Core tonight.

Of course before i even leave the house i needed to get our lunches ready, laundry done, and dishes washed!! Oh boy i think i'll be burning a few calories today :)

Oh and i downloaded a podcast for couch to 5K. Now because i'm going to the walking group i'm going to listen to it and when i'm supposed to run i'm just going to walk in hyper drive! Should be funny for people watching me :)
Anyway i'll post later with pictures. Have a great day!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not too surprising!

Since a bagel and a maple pecan danish found their way to my stomach last night my weigh in this morning was up! Big surprise there :) 

So this morning my scale was up +1.4 bringing me to 133.6 :(  You know what though, i'm not going to get down about this! I'm only human and i'm probably going to have that again sometime. As long as i'm on program 90% of the time i'm absolutely happy with it! 

Last weeks goals:

1.Definitely would like to get more exercise in!! Tomorrow i will be joining my walking group (had to miss it last week) so that will be a good first step.-really happy with my exercise this week

2. Really stop and appreciate the journey i'm in and how far i've already come. Sometimes i take it for granted.-i've tried to do this

3. Try to get a little more organized this week :)-This i've definitely worked on, i can't believe how far i've come in the house!

4. Learn more yoga poses.-Well i'm still basically working still working on a few basics

This weeks goals:
1. I've really been stressing about being so close to goal and not getting there. This week i want to relax my thinking about that! I think stress will just keep me over eating and then i'll never get there! So laid back i will be :)

2. Keep the house up! I've cleaned and organized, now i want to keep it that way :)

3. Would like to play around with make up a bit this week. Yep i'm going all girlie!!

4. Exercise :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maybe i'm getting stronger??

Then again maybe not!! I did the 30 day shred again today and it kicked my butt once again :) One of these days i'll finish it and i will have kicked it's butt!! Not be a quivering mess.

I was perusing the blogs this morning and i was interested in seeing all these smoothies out there, you know the ones made with spinach or kale and fruit. Now if i just had a half decent blender i think i'd give them a go :) Maybe with my income tax rebate! I just don't know whether they would fill you up the same way as if you'd eaten the same things?? Anyone out there have these?? What is your opinion on them??

Work this week is the same old, which isn't necessarily bad :) Really enjoy working with the kids that i work with they definitely make the day go fast sometimes! Where i work is coming out with new donuts soon and lattes i hear. Just something else to stay away from.

And how is your weekend going?? I hear a lot of people are sick, hope you are all feeling better soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's plan...

So i'm up early so i can run out and get some groceries!!! Got to eat you know :)

Run home, get lunch for me and the hubs! Decide what i'm going to take to work for dinner and what the hubs is going to have :)

I really must sit down and put together this weeks menus! I'm a little behind things this week.

Can you tell i really love my breakfasts?? Check this one out :) Yep it was indeed delicious!

Not too much time for exercise today but i did manage to sneak some squats and some pushups in.

That's it for me today, hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to work today!!

Got up this morning and it was -29 celcius!! Yikes :)

When i heard this i needed a cooked brekkie: Pumpkin pie french toast ! Meant to have back bacon with it and forgot all about it.

Yep it's back to work and i was so enjoying just vegging around!!

I can't believe the house is actually clean and i'm relatively orgainized this week :) They do say exercise clears the mind! lol Now to keep it that way......

Today i think i'll do the walking away the pounds. That will make 4 days in a row i've exercised this week.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My plan for today is to meet my friend again to walk the mall while hubs is going to cardio rehab :)
Then i want to come home and do some yoga!-Done :)

I found out last night that i go for the angioplasty cat scan next wednesday and i go to find out the results February 20! Finally i'll know what's going on :)

Not much to blog about today :) Mainly all i did besides the walk and yoga was clean the house!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A winter wonderland!!

I went for a 70 minute walk today :) hopefully you can see the bird in the 2nd picture!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's plan...

Got up today and had the nicest breakkie :) Banana protein pancakes with chocolate pb2!!

Today i'd like to do a few more yoga moves, and go for a walk in the woods :) This will be the 3rd straight day of exercise!!

Later the hubs and i are going to go get him some new running shoes! He's lost enough weight that his shoes are too loose :)

Oh i also need to do laundry and clean, clean, clean!!

And i went on a walk :)

Working on it :)

So one of my goals this week is to up my exercise this week :) How am i doing??

Yesterday i did a Jillian Micheals shred!! Yep, she kicks butt, or at least she kicked mine :)

Today i'm off to meet my walking group, yep they'll make me work hard.

One of the things i keep trying is the downward dog, one of these days my heels will touch the ground :)

I really do think that i need to sit down and plan my workouts that i want to do weekly. My thoughts is to plan 2 weight workouts and 3 cardio workouts! What do you guys think??

Another funny thing happened at work last night. I'm serving a customer and when he left the person working with me says "he was totally checking you out " to which i said at my age that is definitely a compliment :) And i'll take those anytime!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My weekly weigh in a goal update

Well this week my weight was definitely a roller coaster!! I was up as much as 2.4 lbs in the middle of the week and there was no major reason that i could see for it :) But i just kept on keeping on track and yep it finally came down. 

So this morning the scale showed a loss of -1.2 bringing my weight to 132.2  and a total loss of 42.2 with 7.2 pounds left to go :)

Last weeks goal update:

1. Try to get more exercise in.-i totally failed at doing this!! I've been feeling totally physically exhausted this week and my leg is bothering me . But this is not an excuse i could still have gone for walks even if they were shorter!!

2. Think of the positive changes i'm making daily.-this one i did everyday and made some pretty awesome lists of things i'm doing to help myself with this journey, and everyday it's becoming more of a get healthy journey than to just lose weight!!

3. Drink my water.-Did this everyday without fail :)

4. Take time with my husband and relax!!!!!!-This one i also accomplished :) And will do more of!!

This weeks goals:

1.Definitely would like to get more exercise in!! Tomorrow i will be joining my walking group (had to miss it last week) so that will be a good first step.

2. Really stop and appreciate the journey i'm in and how far i've already come. Sometimes i take it for granted.

3. Try to get a little more organized this week :)

4. Learn more yoga poses.