Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tomorrow's agenda :)

So today i go to work 3-10pm. After 8 i have to fast for blood tests that need to be done in the morning. Doesn't really bother me as i don't usually eat after dinner anyway but i will miss my cup of tea after work :(

So first thing tomorrow i have to catch the bus to go to the lab. Then walk home.  First bit of exercise for the day.

Then i need to get ready for a talent show that i help to organize for the agency for people with mental health issues. I've already cut up a pile of veggies and fruits to take with me :) And you have to know that photo's will be taken! And a lot of running around will be done.

After the talent show i need to rush home to get dinner ready which will be a greek salad with chicken and pita chips. Easy peasy!

Then i'm off on my bike to ride to my weight watchers meeting and then home to have a glass of wine and watch a movie with Ralph. 

The end. (to a perfect day)

Weekly goal update

Well it's been an awesome week for me! 

These are the goals i set out for myself last week:

1. Bike to and from weight watchers: I did this, it didn't take as long as i would have hoped but since i'm not really a biker it nearly killed me anyway :) So that was good for 35 minutes

2. Be open-minded when i go back to weight watchers, and old dog can always learn new tricks :)
I actually enjoyed myself going back and was made to feel very welcome and yep i learned a few new things

3. I would like to exercise at least 5 days this week between walking and biking: I exercised 5 days this week for a total of 290 minutes!!

4. Do weight routine 2 times: I managed to do it once again this week but i've now picked two days out to do it and i think that will help. I've also decided to post what my weight workout it on those days and that should help me be more focused.

5. Be happy with myself:I was very happy with myself this week and very relaxed, well except for the snake of course!!

This weeks goals:

1. I'm going to the breathing and meditation class for two hours on tuesday, i'd really like spend time this week practising this

2. Do my weights tuesday and thursday!

3. Bike to weight watchers again (don't think about last week's sore butt :)

4. Plan some more days menus

5. Put more music on my mp3

Hope you guys are having a great weekend

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My walk....

This getting back to nature can be dangerous :) I was walking along minding my own business when a snake that i'm sure was trying to get some rays just happened to be right on the path in front of me. By the time i'd almost stepped on him he'd decided to scoot back into the woods too quickly to let me take a photo!! Oh well, better than stepping on him. Anyway i managed to get a 50 minute walk in this morning and i'm back off to work this afternoon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to work again today :)

Sometimes i waffle on whether i like working friday evenings. It's busy so that it does go fast but on the other hand it's that busy that it's exhausting! I'm also working with teenagers. But i still love it, and because it's busy there's not a lot of time to think of eating all the sugary evilness surrounding me :)

Did my weights yesterday, it kicks butt!! I love it, i love the feeling of my arms shaking when i'm trying to pour milk in my tea later. Yep it's definite that little things can make my day :)

After taking time to decide what i was going to do this week to get myself back to where i want to be, and after spending lots of time planning menus, signing up for e-tools etc. I came home after a long day of volunteering(out at 10 in the morning, home at 6:30 that night) and Ralph had cleaned the entire house while i was gone and had a bottle of wine, two wine glasses and a new movie sitting on the coffee table!! Wow i almost cried. No exchange on this guy i tell you :)

I really wish every week could go as smooth as this one. I do think that sometimes it pays to shake things up.

Oh if you want to see how your nutritionals stack up for the calories your using a great tool i've found is NutriMirror the trick is after you journaled your food try to get all your different nutrients into the green, if it's red you need to tweak it. Have fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm back :)

I've definitely got my mojo going on this week :) 

I got up this morning and i'm puttering around doing this and that and i suddenly realized i hadn't had breakfast!! What, that just isn't me.

I'm satisfied with my food this week and i don't seem to need anything above that!! Sat in a coffee shop between meetings yesterday for an hour or so and i had an awesome tea and an espresso to wake me up before my next meeting. And i was sitting close to the cream horns, the cheese cakes etc... Hubby last night wanted popcorn, when i handed it to him i grabbed 2 kernels and that was enjoyable and enough and i needed no more. Boy i wish i could get this all the time :)

I left home at 10 am yesterday morning (this is my day off of work) and got home at 6:30!! Wow a long day but a great night with a glass of wine watching My Bloody Valentine :) Yep i love horror flics.

So today is back to work and i'm feeling strong. Dinner will be taken with me and lunch eaten before i go so i should have no problem turning my back on all that sugar.

The only thing i'm a little leary of this week is the fact that we have been invited to a chinese all you can eat buffet for lunch on wednesday. I think i may stick to salad, veggies and seafood!

Now if the rain would end i'd buy some flowers and tomatoe plants. Oh well i've always got next week :)

Have a great day everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my rambles.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay then :)

So i've been tracking my weight watcher points. And today i signed up for e-tools free two week trial. Anyway i'm a little confused. When i track my points and yes i don't guess i have looked up the point value i'm getting one number when i tracked on e-tools it came up 2 points less. Now i am going to ask the ww leader on monday before i start eating all the "extra" points that have suddenly come available. But isn't that a little strange???

Anyone else noticed this?

Question Day!!

O.k guys get your thinking caps on :)

1. Your favorite cheese?

2. Favorite apple??

3. Have you ever tried chia seeds and what do you do with them??

4. Do you finish everything on your plate or do you always leave some??

5. Leftie or rightie??

6. Are you taking holidays this year and if so where or what do you plan to do during them??

Have fun!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A slight indulgence :)

Well i went to the board meeting and ate what i had taken. While there i noticed an awesome looking salad with no dressing, but containers of dressing on the side. So i grabbed some and just dipped my fork in the dressing :) Smart move #1

Then i made a conscious decision to have 2 of the 1" sample pieces of some sort of dessert, you know the 1" square pieces?? No idea of the points. They were really good.

All in all i approximated 41/2 points for this. No guilt and since i use very few flex pts i was o.k with this :)

So i went back to weight watchers

First off this weekend my food went a little wild, decided it must be eating for the sake of it before going back to weight watchers. No, it was my TOM decided to come the day i start weight watchers!! This day can only get better :)

So this morning i helped to stuff envelopes. We stop to eat lunch, they eat pizza i eat broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cheese with an orange for dessert :) 5 minutes later some crazy woman says outloud SUGAR!! and everyone wonders what's wrong with me! I mumble something about how i forgot to take a picture of lunch for the blog :) They all started laughing. Too funny

So it was home for a quick but delicious dinner with the hubby manning the bbq. Pork tenderloin with a mango sauce, some baked fries and green beans:

Off on the bike for my first ride of the year to weight watchers. All i have to say is "butt pain". The ride was great on the way there, on the way back not so much :)

However, on to the meeting. I was welcomed and was made to feel very happy to be there. Although i don't think the momentum plan is anything majorly different from the core plan! 
I though it was rather funny that i did know most of the things they were talking about because you guys always keep me in the know. I was a little dissapointed with the materials that were given to us and that the weekly food planner was sooooo small! But what the heck.

All told i'm quite happy i went back today. I think it will help me push towards my goal and honestly any bit of help i can get is appreciated.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A few pictures from today

Alrighty then...

Snuffy says good morning, then backs away slowly.....

Sorry guys you may want to stop reading now :)

What the heck???  Only 20 days ago TOM visited me and today he's back!!!!! And today's the first day i get weighed at weight watchers. Oh boy :(

Can anyone say pre-menopause?? Maybe that's why i'm having such a hard time losing these last few pounds.

Anyone else having issues with this?? Would love to hear how you've handled it.

Oh and later today i'll have pictures from my walk today and later a post on how weight watchers went. Although with the mood i'm in right this second you may not want to know :) Just kidding!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekly goal update

These were the goals i wanted to do last week:

1. Get off my butt and exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days this week. I managed to get 4 days in, which i'm not terribly upset about because it's more than i did the week before.

2. I really enjoyed doing my weight workout last week so i'd like to do it 2 times this week. Once again i only did it once but it is better than not doing it and i really did enjoy it.

3. Realize that failure is not an option!! I have definitely not given up. I'm off to weight watchers tomorrow to see if they can help me get my mojo back for the last bit of weight i want to lose.

4. Drink my water every day. I DID THIS :)

5. Enjoy each day, because you have to enjoy life :) I can say i tried

So this weeks goals will be:

1. Bike to and from weight watchers. That's about an hour!!

2. Be open minded when going back to weight watchers, i know i can still learn new things :)

3. I would like to exercise at least 5 days this week between biking and walking.

4. Do the weight routine 2x! I will do it this week :)

5. Be happy with myself this week!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I can do this!!

So since i've decided to go back to weight watchers on Monday i was thinking about how i was going to get to the meeting. I could take the bus but that would take a while and be two bus rides there and two bus rides back.

No, i decided in my infinite wisdom to dust off my bike that i have not been on since last year and yep i'm going to bike there and back which should take me about an hour :) If i live that long!!

Well i thought if i'm going to do it i may as well make it a habit every week and it will get an hours exercise in right. I can do this ( i think)

Oh and did i forget to mention i have my walking group that afternoon as well?? Oh well at least next week i'll have two hours of breathing and meditation the next day to help me get over it :)

O.k and i won't mention that the hubs is chuckling about this, and is taking me for a trial run to show me where to go on Sunday morning.  Nor will i mention that he says i should be able to do it again the next day and hopefully won't give up (or die) before i get to the meeting. Should be worth a few extra oz's lost!!

Back to serious, so the meeting isn't until 7:00 and of course i was freaking that i would have to eat dinner right before i go. Oh well, as long as i do the same thing every week it won't be a big deal, but if i start waiting until after the meeting to eat then i think i'm becoming a little too obsessive. Oh and that would mean not eating my dinner until 8:30 or later!! Can we say starving??

So i've decided to have dinner and then peddle my butt all over town. Wish me good luck :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

This is my invitation :)

How neat does this sound?? I'm so looking forward to starting it :) And there will only be 12 openings for it.

Well i'm going back

Yep after a very long time of doing weight watchers on my own i've decided in order to get these last few pounds of i need to have someone watching over my shoulder every week. So i've decided to start going to meetings on Monday. 

Now the last time i tried to do this they made me feel like an outsider. I'd failed and crawled back to them. This time i'm hoping is different. Believe you me if i'm not comfortable i will simply try a different meeting. I will not give up. I'm so close to goal and i will make it. I'm may have stumbled a bit but i've never given up.

What i do find funny is that i will lose and bit and no matter what i do i will stay there until eventually i will lose a little more. Now i may go up a little and then back down a little but on the whole i've managed to maintain as i've gone along.

This time though the maintenance has stayed too long. It's time to move on :)

Failure is not an option :)

So Tuesday morning i'll post what happened at my first meeting back in years!!

What is it??????

O.k this is what is in front of our court house!! Any ideas??? I swear i laugh everytime i pass by.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Non scale victory!!

I was making dinner the other night and i had cut up some smoked sausage. Now not too long ago i would have popped a couple of those pieces in my mouth and just gone about my business :) That night i made a conscious decision to stop!! Don't go there :)

It worked, i simply did not do it, i chose to wait for my dinner and thoroughly enjoy the sausage without any feelings of guilt!

I've had a couple of light bulb moments lately. There have been days where i would much rather have sat on my fanny, or my leg was bugging me and i just did not want to go for a walk. Honestly in my head i said, stop, shut up and get it over with.  After i went out and a few minutes into the walk i started to really enjoy it :)

My husband occasionaly likes an evening snack, and there is nothing wrong with that, i just would rather not eat after dinner. However what i would do is grab a couple of his crackers, or a handful of popcorn and not write it in my food journal. Then i would wonder why my weight was not going down?? Umm right!! So now i simply don't eat anything after dinner. No his snacks don't bother me and he is free to snack, he needs more calories than i do he goes for 2-3 hours bike rides!

So i have noticed where i was tripping up. It will be interesting to see if i notice any other changed behaviours :) Stay posted.

You have got to check this out :)

All chalk pavement drawings!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Questions again!!

1. One word you would describe yourself?

2. Favorite recipe?? Care to share??

3. Seafood, which is your favorite??

4. Favorite way to get exercise??

5. What size shoe do you have??

6. Do you eat 100 calorie packs?? If so what's your favorite?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry! More pictures from today :)

I just couldn't resist posting these :)

Yesterday's walk

Oh i love these pictures :) 

But first today i started my second day off of work with these beauty's:
Banana french toast
2 egg whites, 1 mashed banana with a little leftover to put on top, 2 slices of bread, some sf syrup and a few walnuts
Can i say yummy??

Okay here are the pictures: (oh and that's a chipmunk in one of them :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't laugh!

I did indeed do my 20 minute weight routin today, upped my weights just a little. Now i'm sitting here on the computer and my tricpes are shaking :) Got to love that!!

Oh and i got my walk in!
So now i'm 2/5  for walks
1/2 for weights this week.

Do you have a plan this week to get moving more??


My first day off :) And i plan of vegetating for the most part! However i will get my exercise in.

So far my plan for 5x walking 40 minutes and 2x weight workouts:
Yesterday i got a 50 minutes walk in before work=1/5
Today will be another walk plus i'm so looking forward to my weight routine :)

Here's some pictures from yesterdays walk: the pink tree is right outside my kitchen

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The best lunch!!

I know i say this all the time but i swear that today's lunch was the best!! Why?? Because even though i love to eat healthy food for me has to be enjoyable :) That's why i put time and energy into planning it. So i give you today's lunch which turned out to be 7 pts including the strawberry margarita :)
Low carb pita baked into chips
ff sour cream
tomato and green onion
hot sauce!!
meant to have salsa but forgot :)
Then a margarita made with sf strawberry jello, lime juice and diet pop (i never drink pop but for this i'll sacrifice myself)

Where's the weekly weigh in and goals?????

I know, i know i haven't done this for a while, in fact it's been quite a while.

Somedays i jump on the scale and other days i stay as far away as possible from it. I'm still hovering between 128 and 133. Up and down, up and down.

Enough is enough!!! I've given myself an ultamatum. Either get my butt in gear this week and do what i know i can do or i have to sign back up to weight watchers. Maybe i need someone physically weighing me every week. What i don't need is to pay $17 a week.

You know what i find totally ironic? I can help the hubs lose 60 + lbs and yet i cannot get where i want to be. And i don't have an unrealistic goal, it's at the very top end for me height!! O.k no jokes about what a shorty i am :)

So this weeks goals:
1. Get off my butt and exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days this week.

2. I really enjoyed doing my weight workout last week so i'd like to do it 2 times this week.

3. Realize that failure is not an option!!

4. Drink my water every day.

5. Enjoy each day, because you have to enjoy life :)

Have a great week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An old friend visited me

Yep this morning i had a visit from an old friend..... Quaker Oat Bran :) Oh and in case your wondering what those little black bits are, they're chia seeds!

Oh my goodness i can't believe how much 1/3 cup makes!! Yep i did add a bit of apple and cranberries, but seriously i don't even know whether i'll be able to finish it all :) This seems more filling than oatmeal.

And it takes 2-3 minutes to make. Now i did make it on the stove because last time i tried the microwave i got a bowl of lumps. Lesson learned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Have a great Friday :)

Today is all about grocery shopping :) Then work!!

Definitely feeling the workout i had.

Will be busy at work today as it's the first day of a long weekend!! Should burn off a few calories.

Oh for the Canadians here i found these:
Schneiders low fat hot dogs, 35 calories, .3 fat or 1 pt if you do weight watchers :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's plan

Well the wind is howling outside and pouring rain :) So i'm thinking maybe a WATP dvd. 
Can't do weights did them yesterday and i like to give myself a day just to enjoy the soreness! Just kidding. But i do like to give myself a day to recover.

In case you wondered (probably not) what i did this was my workout:
2 sets of each and i used dumbells because that's all i have
chest press x12 
chest flyes x12
squats with 10 lbs x20
calf raises x 10 slowly ( i just did a few as this aggravates my right leg)
lying tricep extension x15
standing tricep extension x10
alternate bicep curls x12
wrist curls x 10
ab crunch with exercise ball x35
shoulder press x10
dumbell rows x 10 each side

This morning i ended up having this for brekkie: a grilled peanut butter/ff cream cheese, sf jam and peanut butter sandwich with some mango!! Awesome

Anyway other than that i have to go have time under the tanning lights (i do it for psoriasis, not that i don't enjoy the heat on days like today)

Then it's home, get lunch and get ready for work. And for the newbies info i'm a supervisor at a coffee/donut/baked goods shop :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's questions

Once again it's wednesday question day :)

1. What is your favorite, sweet or sour??

2. When you drink water or other drinks do you like it better room temperature or icy cold??

3. Ketchup or mustard or both??

4. What's your favorite thing hot off of the BBQ??

5. How many times a week do you eat out?

6. Are you either 100% into healthy eating or not at all? Or can you veer off of the straight path now and again but step right back right after???

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures :)

Click on the ones you don't see anything in and hopefully you'll find a couple of cute critters :)

Today's plan....

Today is MY day :)

I started out by eating this this little bowl of steel cut oats, cocoa/banana/peanut butter

So i'm going to be doing a little extra sitting around, but i'm also going to be planning menus and figuring out points.

I also plan on going out for a nice walk!

New movies come out today and i believe we're going to be watching the new underworld movie.

What i should be doing is cleaning but then again maybe not :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

What i saw today

Another busy day :)

This morning i have a council meeting of which i'm chairperson so i'd better be there :) Then it's eating my lunch on the go and off to my walking group!!

So far the crack down on my eating is going great. As long as i'm being honest with foods i think i will do o.k Although i do have to say that some the the nutrtional stats makes me shake my head.

Some of you wondered how i do it with 19 points plus the flex of course! Well i find i do great as long as i spend them on real food :) I just don't really have enough points to have things like a skinny cow every night. Not that they are high in points, but when you only have that many points you just don't spend them the same way.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Somethings a little off!!

Okay remember me saying yesterday that my parmesean cheese was way off?? Well today i go to get my dinner ready for work and the parmean cheese says that it 2 tbsp or 30 g for 130 calories well i measure 2 tbsp and weigh it and it's only 17 grams. All righty then :) I guess it's not 130 calories!! Talk about messing me up :) Not that it takes much some days.

Happy Mothers Day :)

This year is a little different as i have no children nearby!! One's in Holland the other is in Edmonton, Alberta. Oh well i will be talking to my son tonight and hopefully in the near future i will be seeing him and my daughter and i talk all the time and soon enough i will see her :) Now that i'm looking forward to.

So Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there even if your child happens to be furry or have feathers :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reset :)

Yep i've decided since my weight is so up and down lately that maybe i'm just not being honest to myself! And yes when i went around the house with my handy little points calculator i did find that a lot of things that i automatically thought were 0 point or 2 points etc actually weren't they were more!!

And no i don't always do "points" but when you have in your mind that something is 0 points you just eat it and don't think about it.

So today's plan is to be honest. To write down exactly what i'm eating. Add the points up and be accountable. It's been a while since i've done this. Now i have been counting calories and i probably still will but of all things i find that counting points seems to be what keeps me on the straight path the best.

So what things did i find i'd been cheating with?? These may seem piddly to some, but when your daily points is only 19 every point counts.

Bread-my country harvest plus is 1 point for one slice but two slices are 3 pts
Sugar free jam-i was counting as 0 points for 1 tbsp, not, its 1 point for 1 tbsp or 0 for 1/2 tbsp
Pumpkin-i just counted as 0, nope it's not very high in points but it needs to be counted
Soy milk that i put in tea/coffee all day!
In the weight watchers book it says 2 tbsp of parmesean cheese is 1 point. Not, my parmeasean for 2 tbsp is 3 points
And this my friends is just what i've checked this morning :) So it's back to school for me.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Today is grocery shopping day before i go to work :)

I've also started the bootcamp exercise videos on sparkpeople but today they want us to have an exercise ball so i may pick one up while i'm out! Depends on how much they want for them across the road. (I did end up picking up a bally one for 15 dollars)

The funny thing is that today i didn't have enough calories planned so that i've had to add a green monster smoothie and half a clif bar! Wow, that is definitely not my usual problem.

I'm off to do dishes, get my food ready, work out and get ready for work! See you tomorrow :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You guys are too kind!

Not only do i get a super blog award, i get it from two people!! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes because i had been feeling pretty down about my eating and exercising and you guys just made me smile :) Thanks Seashore
I have so many blogs that i absolutely love it's hard to pickjust a few to pass this award on to, but here are a few of the many i love:
Angie- who is always so supportive
Annette-who started a great exercise challenge
TB Milwaukee-always leave me such nice comments and answers my annoying questions
Dee-such a sweetheart
Penny Dreadful-Easy to talk to and always got my back :)
VRaz60-What's not to love??

Thanks guys for listening to me whine some days :)