Friday, July 31, 2009

I got the call :)

Got home tonight and checked my messages.

First message was a call from my surgeon telling me to call his office on Tuesday (long weekend) for info on my surgery as i'm first on the list now :)

Today's plan...

So today is one of my busiest days at work so that should keep me focused!

The camera is officially just about dead so a new one is in my near future.

Had an awesome brekkie this morning a banana split: banana, yogurt, walnuts, strawberries and sugar free chocolate sauce :)

Today is tricep day so i going to be doing some raises, some dips, some kickbacks and some overhead tricep work. Yep and i'm going to be sore tomorrow!!

It's so beautiful outside right now that i think i'm going for a walk before work as well.

Oh did i tell you i can't take any pictures outside??? Grrrrr....................

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to work today :)

Yep i'm back to work today but i don't start until 4 so i've got lots of time to get a nice long walk in.

Oh and today is also abs day :( Yep i'll do those as well, even if i'm pouting while doing them!!

I think i've half fixed the camera, but i'm definitely going to have to buy a new one soon.

So yesterday was back to routine, no eating out, no eating late and no drinking. And guess what?? I got on the scale and the scale was back to where it was before vacation. I'm a happy girl i tell ya.
You know what was funny though? I was so mad at the camera last night and so upset with it that i was ready to eat whatever i could get my little hands on. But i didn't and that for me is a big thing.

Hope everyone's having a great day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh look what a friend sent me today :)

I received a notice that there was a parcel waiting for me :)

TJ goodies!!

Dark chocolate mocha crunch squares
Spicy smokey peach salsa
Righteous rounds cookies with healthy ingredients
Bag of peanuts berries and almonds
Orange muscat champagne viniger

Oh my!! Well Jen and Ralph have already tried the mocha crunch squares and claim they're the best thing they've ever tasted :)

Thank you friend.
Sorry about the quality of the picture but i'm having "issues" with the camera.

Once again question day :)

You know i love reading your answers :)

1. Cherries/strawberries or peaches???

2. Do you count calories??

3. What is your own favorite body part??

4. If/when you eat ice cream what is your favorite flavour?? (Canadian spelling :)

5. Who does the dishes in your house???

6. Do you love to hear/try new things or would you rather stay eating the same things??

Thanks again for taking the time to anwer! I love all the diverse answers :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nope, i wasn't going to do it :)

I was feeling rather blah today for some strange reason. I didn't really want to do much, except get on the computer. And since it was a day off of work i could do that :)

But i knew that i'm going out to all you can eat chinese buffet tonight. So i have been eating really light all day so that i have lots of calories left for dinner.

I was going to a meeting this afternoon and thought to myself well i could walk around the block before i go! But as the time went by and it got closer to the meeting i started to think that maybe i should do a little more than that.

So 50 minutes before my meeting i started out walking and managed to get a beautiful 45 minute walk!! Not only that i checked and today is my back day so i got a few of those exercises in :)

And now i'm going out for dinner and really looking forward to it!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's what i saw on my walk today!

So glad i got out and walked!! I actually walked for a total of 90 minutes.

Why are we harder on ourselves??

It just kind of hit me like a brick.

I was doing a downward dog push up and i glanced at my legs! Wow i thought if that was someone else's legs i'd think they were skinny :)
O.k. i'm thinking to myself why can't i just think of MY legs as skinny?? Why do i have to focus on the negative without seeing the positive things in me??

When i stop and think about it i do have nice legs but instead i choose to focus on the stomach which leaves a lot to be desired! But then i've had two children that i would have all over again and yep i'd choose to have a flabby stomach if it would result in a couple of the greatest kids ever ;) Sometimes we are just too hard on ourselves!!

So for today i choose to see the best in me :)
I have great legs.
I am strong.
I am a very nice person and get along with most people easily.
I have great eyes.
I have great feet that have walked many miles.
What do you see today??

Today's plan...

Today i am joining my walking group :) Life for the last couple of weeks has been a little hectic!!

Saturday night at work my leg really was very painful on the top of the right leg. I figured i wasn't getting enough blood/oxygen to a muscle and it was definitely letting me know it wasn't happy. I was honestly going to be phoning my dr. today but it has calmed down a lot, thank goodness.

So the walking today may be a little slow but at least i will be pumping some blood to my leg :)

I'm also going to be walking in the park as well so i should be able to get some nice pictures, unless it pours with rain which it has been for almost a week :(

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekly goal update...

So last weeks goals were:

1. Enjoy my visit with my daughter!-I have definitely done this and will still enjoy some more time with her :)

2. Try to continue eating as healthy as possible and even when i'm out i'll still try but i'll have no guilt after. I'm out to be stress free and have a great time this week :) -Exactly what i did, although i was a little looser with my eating at the beginning of the week i did enjoy every meal out and i was very happy with my choices and i felt great!!

3. Try to keep the house from falling apart. - Not so much

4. Relax....... Yeppers i was a virtual vegetable this week :)

5. Oh i'll still exercise! I did not as much as i would have liked to but at least i didn't go the whole week with no exercise.

This weeks goals:

1. Get back into routine with my eating and exercising. I have one dinner out to do and then it should be back to normal.

2. Exercise more this week. Since my daughter's boyfriend is coming into town and she's going to a weddding, i should have more time to exercise.

3. O.k i have to clean up :)

4. Stay as stress free as possible at work!

Wow these goals are just about the same as last weeeks, i'm not going to mind as they did a great job this last week.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to work :(

I've really enjoyed my time off but it's back to work today!!

So i decided i'd better get a little more organized so i can be ready to be back and work and still on plan.

A couple of things help me! One is going grocery shopping so i have a fridge full of healthy things to eat.

Another is getting the veggies and cutting them up and putting them in a ziplock veggie fresh bag so that whenever i need or want veggies i just open the bag and grab some :)

Today i've planned what i'll be eating tomorrow so i'm on top of things, oh i'll also be posting photos of food again!!

Have a great weekend guys.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Well this week i must admit i've watched the scale go up little by little. I know this is from not doing my normal routine on exercise and food. And by eating out a lot more than normal.

So last night we went to the Mandarin all you can eat buffet! I was very happy with my plate of seafood, some chicken and veggies and a few noodles and for dessert some melon and a very small piece of cake. All planned for :)

Now earlier in the day Jen needed to go to the dentist! I decided i'd better get some exercise in before going out to eat. So while she was at the dentist i was walking around the high school running track. Yep got some lovely steps in, thank you :) Oh and i also managed to do some ab work as thursday's are ab day.

Today the scale is creeping down again :)

We're eating out again today, but i've already checked the nutrition stats and decided that although what i'm going to pick is a little high in calories with some light eating the rest of the day i can still fit it in. And when we were checking the stats the dish i picked was lower in calories than their salads!! So fish and chips it is :) Which i haven't allowed myself to eat in ages.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sushi :)

Well i had my first all you can eat sushi experience :)

It was soooo good! And different.

I really enjoyed it, and the best part was having my daughter explain it all to me and i even used chopsticks. And spending time with my daughter was awesome!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures but people were sitting next to us and my flash is really strong.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Question Day Again!!

1. Shower or bath?? Or not :)

2. If you chew gum what is your favorite??

3. Do you watch tv?? What is your favorite program?

4. Have you tried brown rice? Do you like it??

5. Are you having a good week??

6. i-pod/mp3 or peace and quiet :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She made it!!

Welcome home sweetie :)

Here the hubs enjoys the Dutch beer Jen brought home for him.

And here's some delft blue handpainted oranaments for me :)

And snuffy guarding Jen's things to make sure she's not leaving again yet! Or that she would leave soon so he could have "his" room back :)

Oh and Jen checking her e-mail as soon as she could :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

You've got to wonder!!

Okay i usually wear an omron pedometer which i find to be very dependable!!

Occasionally i've read other blogs where they describe what they do in a day which doesn't seem too over the top and have 12,000-14,000 steps in a day! Where as i fight to get over 10,00 steps in.

Anyway the Canadian space agency was giving away free pedometers. So of course it's a freebie and i'm going to try to get one. It came today. Now today is a very small step day as i'm basically just running around the house doing last minute things before Jen gets here. So i put both the pedometers on. The omron says i've taken 1,302 steps as of noon hour and the Canadian space center one which i put on an hour after the omron one says 3,607!!

So i guess the space center one is going in a drawer in my kitchen, an although it's hard for me to get my steps in on the omron one at least i know it's accurate!!

Beware of cheap pedometers, they are not all accurate.

I don't eat this often but....

Because i try not to eat too much bread but every now and then the urge is strong :)

Pumpkin pie french toast with walnuts and sugar free maple syrup:

2 egg whites
pumpkin pie spice
1/4 c pumpkin
splash of almond breeze
2 whole wheat bread slices
5 grams walnuts
sugar free maple syrup

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:

1. Continue with my weights. I love how i'm exercising a different part everyday. Miz Fit this is good as well as one full workout isn't it??-I did them everyday and i love doing it this way and the best part is that i'm starting to see muscles :)

2. Clean up some more :) Gotta do what i gotta do-I'm slowly accomplishing this

3. Keep eating clean, i'm enjoying this sooo much, it's yummification!-I've done pretty well on this, this week and i've had some very yummy things!

4. Smile this week even though i'm working everyday, it will soon be over and i may as well enjoy the journey there.-I managed to get through the 7 days straight without hurting anyone, actually i didn't have a bad week at all.

This weeks goals:

1. Enjoy my visit with my daughter!

2. Try to continue eating as healthy as possible and even when i'm out i'll still try but i'll have no guilt after. I'm out to be stress free and have a great time this week :)

3. Try to keep the house from falling apart.

4. Relax........

5. Oh i'll still exercise!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update from yesterday :)

Well i did get my tricep workout in, i cleaned the kitchen and it's looking pretty good. But when i went to go out on a walk it poured.

So this morning i popped my shoes on (thank goodness :) and off i went!

Today's plan for cleaning: the bathroom

Today's exercise besides the walk: Shoulders

Shoulder press
Arnold press
Front raises
Shoulder shrugs

Just so you know i'm not going crazy with my daily exercises i do some of each and call it a good day! Someday's i do more and other time's i don't :) Makes for a happy me and i enjoy them. And i'm really feeling them and not in a bad way!

Love this sign i saw on my walk: Mind your biz, don't be a fool, please don't wiz, in our clean pool!

Happy Birthday Carla :)

Just want to take moment to thank you Carla for all your support and inspiration :) Happy Birthday!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Yes i'm not working :)

However today i am cleaning!!! Got to get this place together before Jen gets here on Monday :)

Today's plan?? The kitchen or at least some of the kitchen, oh and grocery shopping.

Exercise will be going for a nice walk and triceps:

Tricep raises
Standing triceps
lying triceps
tricep kickbacks

Tonight will include a glass of wine and watching the movie Push!! And some vegging on the couch will happen :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's plan...

Today is day 7 of working!! The last day :) And believe you me my legs will be happier.

So for exercise today i'm doing abs. Oh boy!!

Boat pose- in the picture above
walking plank

Abs of steel here i come :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yep it's question day :)

1. What is the one thing you absolutely have to have on a hamburger???

2. Do you match socks with your outfit or just grab a pair out of the drawer??

3. If you have children/or a significant other do you find that they are starting to enjoy eating healthier??

4. What's the most unusual thing you've eaten this week??

5. Have you tried any new exercise lately?? Care to share :)

6. What book are you reading right now??

7. Since the daughter is taking me out for sushi have you ever tried it?? What is your favorite??

O.k enough for this week, see you next week and be sure to enjoy all the answers from everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Guess where i was??

Yep that's right at the dentist :) And how did it go?? I love my dentist! 30 minutes later and i'm good to go.

So my plan for today is to try to squeeze these exercises in before i go to work:

There was no recipe :)

I just took 1/2 a bag of asian veggies, and put them in a sprayed pan!
I took some uncooked shrimp sprinkled them with spices and fried them in a tsp of olive oil.
When the veggies were just about cooked, i added some braggs liquid, some garlic and ginger and a little cornstarch until mixed and added it to the pot. Put it in my work container and topped it with the shrimp. Easy peasy pie :)

I'm taking this to work :)

So much better than a frozen dinner!!

Today's exercise plan

Today is exercises for the chest! I've done exercises for this that i never thought i could. I've done pike push ups and even doing an actual push (although i don't do many) is something i never thought i could. Even when i was younger!! I feel stronger now than i did 10 years ago.

So today's plan is:

Pike push ups (just ignore the talking for the first few seconds :)

And if i make it through these i'll go to work!
I did phone the Dentist they wanted me there in 10 minutes, i don't have a car and i was sitting here in my pj's! So it's going to be tomorrow at 9:40 AM. So yep another day like this!

Yesterday's walk....

So my plan was to do my leg exercises, which i did. Then i was going to go on a short walk before having to get ready for work! Well i get to the half-way point of my walk and i thought to myself why go for the short workout why not go for the whole monte :) So i did, not only did i do that but i stopped at the playground and did the tricep dips and the pullups AND i did an extra one of each :) You can't stop me now!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ooops it fell off :(

Yep the crack in the tooth is now a big gap :( A call the the dentist in the A.M. is definitely going to happen!

Here's what snuffy does while i'm exercising :)