Thursday, December 31, 2009

A quick post :)

This morning i'm off to the Dentist, just a check up and cleaning. Hopefully no cavities :)
Update: just a great cleaning and no cavities!!
Then i run home, grab lunch and get ready for my first day back to work!!

Have a great day everyone and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Question day :)

1. What is the strangest present you've ever been given??

2. What dishes do you make from your leftovers over the holidays?

3. What is your favorite snack?

4. Are you making any new year's resolutions/goals?? Care to share??

5. What is the one thing that you that your proud of doing in 2009?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Woke up this morning and it's -13C or -8F which ever it's cooooooooold :)

I have a few things i need to do today:
Clean the house- :(
Stop at work and see if they have a gift card for me :)-they did!!
Go for a walk-walked for an hour :)
Do some yoga-yeppers
And last but not least chillax!!-planning on doing a lot of that tonight

I found bunny prints :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

What an afternoon!!

Silly me didn't check to see if the walking group was doing their thing today and no they didn't :(  However, i kidnapped the husband to go with me, and the rec center with the indoor walking was open :) So we walked through the park on the way there and then we did laps on the indoor track. Afterwards we stopped by a local cafe and had some tea and coffee. It actually turned out to be a really nice afternoon!! Well, not the weather there were snow squalls by the time we came home. Did manage to snap a few pic's though :) Don't mind the picture of me i was busy looking at the camera!

Back to my walking group!

-Yep today i get to meet up with the walking group to get some extra steps in :)

-Next Wednesday i start my free 3 month membership at the YMCA!

-Oh did the yoga ever feel good yesterday. Going to be doing this at least once a week if not twice.

And on a totally different subject i have found out something really weird this week. I plan out my eating for the day including a snack for mid-morning and another snack for mid-afternoon. I'm trying to listen to my body by eating slowly and sitting at the table only to eat. That is going very well, but i'm honestly not hungry when snack time comes around and i refuse to make myself eat for the sake of doing so. If it stays like this for a while i think i may up my calories for my main meals.
Anyone else ever found themselves not hungry when you think you will be??

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A few of the things i saw today!

A few snow flakes and some mild temperatures meant i had to go for a walk :)

I miss my yoga!!

I started today with a fun breakfast: Tortilla, peanut butter, banana and raspberries :)

That should give me enough energy to do some yoga today at home. After the free yoga classes, my yoga teacher made up some sheets with the moves that we had practiced, today's the day i'm going to do them on my own.

Another thing i need to do today is to put some plastic on my windows as it's starting to get cold here!!

It also wouldn't hurt to make up some menu plans so i can make a grocery list this week. One thing i really want to make is homemade hummus. Does anyone who makes their own hummus care to share the recipe??

I have to tell you that taking 10 days off of work over the Christmas holidays was the best thing i've done in a while. And i'm already planning on doing it again next year :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing day......

So today i woke up a little early so that i could go to the store across the road as they had some cute santa's and other decorations which were cheap :)

The other thing i did is go for a walk even though we're supposed to be getting a bit of snow and rain today.

Did i tell you what presents i was lucky to get yesterday from the hubster?? A Cuisinart food processor/blender, the new coat (which you've already seen), an awesome pepper grinder, some teas, a book and a new journal to start the new day!! I hit the jackpot :) I see some new recipes coming in the new year.

I started today with an awesome bowl of oats with flax seed, crasins and raisins oh and of course a splash of almond breeze! My new motto is eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

Hope you enjoy some of these pictures :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I went on a walk :)

My eating may not be something i'd want to brag about this week but i did go on an 85 minute walk :) So beautiful today.

While walking through the woods i came across something kids have been building!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far. Snuff says Bah Humbug :) (he has attitude)

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today's rambles

Well i'm off to go grocery shopping this morning :) We need food!!

Then it' off to Chapters and then on to Harvey's (we got a gift card) Have i told you i can spend hours in a bookstore?? Yep, poor hubs

Guess what colour they called my new coat?? Fudge :) They know me too well. Honestly it looks better in person than in the picture yesterday.

Oh and guess what Canadians can now get?? Molson Canadian 67 yep that's 67 calories :) Not too shabby, especially in the summer sitting outside. It can't come quick enough!

So hows my eating going?? Don't ask, at least i'm getting a lot of exercise.

Here's the proof :)

Sorry the pictures don't do it justice but it is a really nice coat :)  Here's a sneak peak :)  Remember i dress for the cold! Snuffy, however, was not impressed!

Oh and here's a picture of a t-shirt that i bought the hubs :)

I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He made me do it!!

Yep i took the hubs out to lunch and then we were off to a very nice mall to do some major shopping :)

Well the hubs decided that i absolutely needed a new coat! Well i fought him as best i could, but he insisted and i gave in :) Love my new coat.

So we spent an afternoon buying a pepper mill, a new coat, some nail polish, some dark chocolate peppermint lindt balls, some t-shirts for the hubs and some ice cream, oh and some bodacious tea!!

I actually tried my first cup of matcha tea, which i loved, the hubby said it was o.k :)

Jen, i found the most awesome tea place in Conestoga Mall, over 100 different teas. Yeah, you know when you get home we're so going there!!

Tomorrow will be chapters and Harvey's!! Can't wait :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

My exciting day today :)

Ummm maybe not so much!!

I spent the day today cleaning the house and if i do say so myself it looks awesome :) Washed floors, changed tablecloth, swept, dusted,  did windows and generally managed to stay busy all day.

Tomorrow the hubs and i are going out to lunch, then we're off to a newly expanded mall to do last minute stuff all afternoon and then we're going to have a bite for dinner out so that i don't have to do dishes when i get home, can't say i mind that.

It's going to be a  very quiet Christmas here this year as my daughter Jen is in Holland until October and my son Alex is in Edmonton, Alberta which is a long way away from here :(  I will definitely be missing them this week, but we are determined to do the best we can.

Someone sent me the most awesome thing that is sooo true:

Hope you're having a great week!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can you guess??

Take a guess what you think this is ;) Got it in my secret santa gift yesterday!

And this seasoning by Epicure chili lime is one of my favorites this year, and i've ordered some new ones to try for the new year :) I'll let you know what i think of them.

Still not ready for Christmas and won't be until Tuesday!! Good job i don't have too much to do :)

Hope you're having a great day

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sorry, busy, busy!!

I've been neglecting my blog for a while now!! It's just so busy and by the time i get home from work i'm totally exhausted. On my days off i'm running around like a chicken without a head :)

Hope to be back to regular blogging after Christmas.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The end!

Of yoga that is :) Today was my last day of this session! However, starting January 6, i get a 3 month free membership. Looking forward to the treadmills and trying the elliptical.

Oh and i've been asked to attend the next yoga sessions in the spring. That means i should practice i guess :0)

It's back to work tomorrow for 4 days and then i have 10 days off. Oh yeah!!

So all in all today was a great day, i managed to get 2 hours of exercise in and my eating was healthy and delish.

Have a great night.

On my walk...

Yesterday morning it rained so we hardly had any snow left! Last night it snowed more than than enough to make up for the rain :) It was -10C when i went on my walk and i dressed in layers so that i looked like a linebacker! But it was so worth it...

Guess what i saw on my walk today??? Give up?? 2 foxes!!!! One was too fast for me to get a picture of but i managed to snap a picture of the other one.

Question day once again!!

1. What food is an addiction for you?? I had a friend tell me she was addicted to Kraft Dinner :)

2. What colour are your eyes??

3. What is your easiest dinner to make?? Besides take out :)

4. Do you keep track of your food with an online journal or a pencil and paper journal or both??

5. Is there one thing that you wish you could do but haven't given it a fair try??

6. Do you consider yourself a good cook??

7. Have you ever arm wrestled?? Did you win?? :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just back

Yep just got home from the Dr's. My physical went well, in fact he was very happy with my health. Now i just have to go get blood work done after Christmas :) Glad that's over and done with!!

Already have 50 minutes of walking in and i'm going to walk to my meeting this afternoon so i can strike off having to exercise today.

I tried something different this morning. I had 3 egg whites and a slice of turkey bacon, then i had 1/2 a serving of oats with flax seed and 1/4c egg nog!! It had really held me over until i could get home for lunch which wasn't until 1:30 pm.
I think i'm going to try having a bit of protein with my meals that just might help with my cravings.

Hope your having a happy healthy day :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Back again :0)

Sorry i've been absent for a few days but i was having a hard time!

I'm back on board with getting healthy again. For some reason Christmas is always the time of year that i have a hard time eating healthy things!! And i usually start eating healthy again by boxing day :) I think it may have to do with all the running around i have to do in December and it's not so much stuff for my family's Christmas but the volunteering i do and how busy it gets at work!

I swear some people get so nasty during the holiday season. And for some reason they always seem to come to my till!!

Tomorrow i'm off to the Dr's for an annual physical, wow that should be a load of laughs! I am walking to and from the Dr's so that will get my exercise in.

After that i'm coming home to eat a healthy lunch before i'm off to a meeting. Following that meeting i have an monthly board of directors meeting, which in December always means Chinese food!!!!! Oh well the plan is to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and choose as wisely as i can for dinner :)

This probably goes hand in hand but the house was cleaned up today as well. I do find that if the house is tidy i'm more likely to keep choosing healthy options over unhealthy options?? Anyone else find this??

Anyway it's good to be back and i'll be updating as well!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

On my walk...

Just a few things i saw today: