Monday, January 4, 2010

Finally back to normal :)

I enjoyed the holidays but i love getting back to my normal routine!!

First thing this morning was a meeting that i took a bus to. Now normally i go a little way on the bus, hop off and walk the rest of the way. Well i hopped off the bus walked for around 15 minutes when the windchill was -20C or -4F and i felt like a popsicle. So i quickly  hopped on another bus for the rest of the way :)

During the meeting i ate a quick lunch because afterwards i met my walking group!! Yeah, so much fun when you walk with other people.

So now i'm home and ready to get dinner ready (and stand in front of the oven absorbing as much heat as possible).

Tomorrow i'm off to a craft afternoon and hopefully i can walk to it without dying of hypothermia!!

Hope you guys had a great day. I just glanced at google reader and i have over 300 to read. Ummmm might take me a day or two :)


  1. I'm glad life is back to normal too! I'm off to make a's freezing here too!

  2. You have got some determination that I envy. Its good that you get off the bus early and walk the rest of the way... way to go.

  3. I am hoping to start walking to work three times a week once all this ice has gone. You are responsible for this!!!

    Thanks Suzi:O)



  4. you lost me at 300 :)

    now Im more thankful I dont have a reader :)

    Loving my routine as well,


  5. I can't believe how cold it has been here either! I can't wait for Spring!

  6. Brrrrrrr!! It hasn't gotten over six degrees here in I don't know how long. Feels like we are living in an ice box. Miserable. Probably accounts for my low mood lately. With 30" of snow I don't think outdoor walking is going to be possible for a while.

    You take care in the cold, and don't freeze anything you may need in the future! :)

  7. Shucks! -20C?! That's not even survivable, surely!

    Hope dinner was delicious(ly warming)!