Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freebies and rambles...

First of all i won one of the progresso soup give aways from Shelley :) Which included a soup mug and a skipping rope that counts.

Oh i also won some Annie's organic fruit snacks from Danika! They're in the mail and i can't wait to try them.

I also have to say, and no i didn't receive anymore freebies from them, that i love Greenworks! Their laundry detergent is great and that's not just coming from me but also friends that i gave the free coupons to :) I've also been using their all purpose spray cleaner and their all purpose concentrated cleaner. I love that it doesn't have fumes that almost knock me out when using it. Believe you me i've used some that i've had to stop using because they were so toxic.

I've been cleaning since 9 a.m, hubs says i must have eaten the energizer bunny :)
My hubby who happens to love all things electronic has wire exposed all over the living room, not only did i manage to hide them but i pulled everything out and vacuumed.
I totally cleaned out the front all closet (and no Jen your skates were not in there)
I dusted and polished everything in the livingroom
I vacuumed the rest of the living room
I threw out a lot of stuff
Things that were stored under the end tables has been dealt with
The only thing i didn't do was clean out the drawers of the end tables!
Hubby said i was making him tired just watching me :)

Did i say we have a new couch coming?? That's why i wanted the living room to look good

Tomorrow?? The bedroom, or at least a start to the bedroom before i go to work.


  1. The soup mug looks awesome :)
    haha oh well, I'm sure I'll find my skates when I come back :P
    Don't worry about my closet, I'll deal with that beast when I come home lol ^^;

  2. suzi... send some of that energy my way!

  3. you are 'feathering your nest'...I wish I had your energy..I' ve been buying Progresso light soups after seeing these contest and they make a good lower calorie , high fiber lunch on weekends.

  4. I'm sure that you burned a lot of calories with all of that cleaning! Make sure to show us pictures of your new couch!

  5. I love to clean!! Dorky I know...but I actually got excited hearing all the things that you were

  6. You are a giveaway winning machine! Congrats and enjoy your nice clean living room. (And new couch!)

  7. Your pictures remind me how much I miss Canada... There so pretty...

  8. Way to go on grabbing on the great gifts!!

    I love Greenworks!! I think it is such a great start to having eco-friendly products available to the everyday consumer.

    Enjoy your new couch!

  9. *whispers* I saw your comment about the podcasts :)
    you DO need to listen if only for the lovely lilt of Diet Girls accent :)

    its practically mediation.

    (all of them are at as well. FREE)
    have a great weekend!

  10. Oh my word, can you come here and help me clean? I started this morning and I've lost steam...and one room isn't even totally done yet!!!!

    Soooo tell us about the new sofa!!!! Color???

  11. Your on a cleaning frenzy!!! I need to be, Hope all is going well!

  12. Looks like we are in sync my friend! Don't you love getting everything so clean? :) It always feels good to relax in a clean, whether is stays that way for long is a different story. ;)

    Greenworks is great!

    Can't wait to see pics of the new couch!