Thursday, January 14, 2010

A review of Natures Path cereals

Just before Christmas i was luck to receive some products to try/review from the great folks at Natures path organic cereals!!  I love that there's no artificial preservatives in their cereals.

I am so sorry that it's taken me so long to get around to this review. I've been so busy and actually had other cereals to use up first :)

First i tried the Flax plus maple pecan crunch. It's made with organic flax seed, organic pecans, organic maple syrup and organic oats!!! One word:  Yummmmmmmmmy :) Absolutely awesome cereal. Now while it is a little high in calories (220/3/4c) it is whole grain and high fibre.  I loved using it on yogurt and even eating by itself.

Next i tried their Optimum slim.  It's packed with high fibre (9g), low fat (2g), and protein (9g) It's funny because i thought this would be a rather blah cereal. I really enjoyed it but what i did love was that when i ate it i wasn't hungry for ages after :) Now that's a good cereal in my books!!

Now i did tell them that i never eat instant oats, only the quick cooking oats but they sent me a variety pack of different flavours including apple/cinnamon, flax plus, maple nut, multigrain raisin to be truthful they tasted pretty good but for the amount you got for the calories i'd rather make my own :)  But if you like instant oatmeal these would be great ones to try!!

I love what it said on the oatmeal box: humans and plants have much in common. Both enjoy sunlight, music and tender loving care :)

If you love healthy grains and reading ingredient lists you'll love this cereal!!

Natures path did send me free samples of these cereals but no money was exchanged.


  1. I have been wanting to try the maple flax cereal... how is the sugar content? I find that sometimes no matter who many whole grains or grams of fiber, the sugar is still high. Thanks for the review!

  2. thanks for the comment
    im feeling a little better after my workout

    i agree with you
    i have tried the flax plus
    i forget what exactly its called its like raisin bran with pumpkin seeds and flax its great

    can never go back to regular raisin bran after that lol

  3. They sound delicious, don't think they are available over here, but will have a look for anthing similar.