Monday, January 11, 2010

Some of the choices i made today!

First i woke up early because i knew i had meetings and i wanted time to eat a healthy breakfast!

I went to my meetings (which were back to back) and i carried my lunch with me that i had prepared in advance so that i could eat well and not get too hungry.

I carried my water bottle everywhere with me today so that i could keep up with my water consumption. I also had planned snacks with me to much throughout the day.

I could have gone home and sat at the computer for a couple of hours after the meetings,  instead i took 2 buses to the YMCA and 2 buses home.

While at the Y i used machines that i had not tried before and loved them. I also went on the elliptical machine and stayed on longer than i had last week. To top it off i walked my butt off on the treadmill!!

Since i know i should eat something after exercising i had packed some healthy brownie muffins for the hubs and myself and to go with it i got some herbal tea.

Then it was finally time to go home but first we stopped and rented a movie, and then we went to the grocery store to pick up some healthy foods that i knew i had either run out of or was close to running out of.

Finally home to eat a healthy fish and veggie dinner. Of course after that i sat down with a well deserved glass of wine!!

All in all a great day with lots of healthy choices and i'm proud of each and everyone of them today.

What healthy choices did you make today??


  1. Look at all those healthy, smart choices you made today!! That is AWESOME!! I am so proud of you!!

    Today, I helped to spruce up my lunch to make it more filling (I also blogged about it) and for dinner tonight, my boyfriend wants to make homemade KFC bowls...we are making them with all Low-Fat or FF ingredients, and mine will be with Canadian Bacon instead of ham steak!!

    YAY for healthy choices all around!! GO US!!

  2. What an awesome day you had. Well done on everything - especially the 2 buses to the Y. Enjoy your wine. You deserve it. :o)

  3. Fanstastic choices!! I feel like I was on track today too. Healthy foods, took the stairs at work and school, and got my c25k workout in! We can do this!

  4. Sounds like a very full and productive day. Yaay on making good choices.

  5. Today I walked during my lunch... good job being so committed today :-)

  6. Thank you for leaving a comment on Limes & Lycopene, and leading me to your blog. This is such a great post and well done you for making all those choices.

    It's also a really good example of how much being prepared helps you eat well and exercise. Getting up a bit earlier, so you can have breakfast; having water with you all day; taking a post-gym snack with you. These bits of preparation all help to make it that little bit easier to make good choices. Well done.

  7. So Awesome to read about that!!!

    1. went for my run
    2. made mini fritatas .... SW egg beaters, 2 eggs, 3 small zuchini, roma tomato, red onion, rosemary for flavor and a tiny bit of goat cheese on top (total of 2oz of cheese used)... popped them into muffin tin and baked for 25min...

    Had a whole wheat english muffin with my egg muffins and Viola!!! Yummy Dinner...

    why so long a post about it...

    I wanted to stop and get something terrible and fatty for dinner, but I resisted knowing that I had all that good stuff at home!


  8. You're making lots of great choices today. Great job!!! Today, I went for a jog and for dinner, I had a healthy salad with lots of veggies and fruit. Yum

  9. good job..what a day you had. I made a fruit salad with fresh apple, oranges, pineapple, a little coconut, and a few mini marshmallows. journaled my food and my hunger scale. 45 minutes of cardio-mostly intervals of jogging / walking.

  10. sound like you did great today