Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sorry i've been missing

It's been a pretty busy week!! So i'm sorry if i haven't posted as much as i usually do :(

Today was my first day at the YMCA and i really enjoyed it. I went on an elliptical machine i think for the second time in my life. Wow it sure does kick butt :) Then i hopped on the treadmill and worked up a massive sweat. The fun is that i joined with a group so they have a plan to do different things each week including volleyball, floor hockey, zumba, spinning, basketball, raquet ball, squash, aerobics etc... Wow i'm tired just thinking about it!!

I have a question for anyone who goes to a gym. Do you go with a plan of what machines you will use?? Care to share with a newbie?

Oops better go post some questions!


  1. I belong to the Y as well, and I really love it. I usually go between the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and a couple days a week do weights. It kind of depends on how I feel, but I may do 30 min on the treadmill, 30 min on the elliptical or 45 min on elliptical and 15 min on the stationary bike.

  2. I used to go to the gym and would only do the elliptical but that would get boring and I would stop wanting to go. I just recently joined the gym again and have decided to use whatever equipment I WANT to use when I go in. This will keep me wanting to come back. Plus, I've heard it's good to switch up your activities so that different muscles get used all the time and your body has to keep guessing. I'd say just have fun with it.

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