Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things i have chosen this week...

1. I chose to go to a Zumba class even though i've never tried it before :)

2. I chose to only have one glass of wine!

3. I chose to try new machines at the gym and even though i definitely felt it the next day i really enjoyed them.

4. I chose to drink at least 8 cups of water every day.

5. I chose to use my slow cooker 3 days this week because it left me time to do other things besides slave over the stove.

6. I chose to treat myself to a new bright pink gym bag, lunch bag and workout top!

7. I chose to do some yoga at home this week.

8. When i woke up this week i chose to believe i was going to have a great day, no matter what!!

What choices have you made this week??


  1. you were pretty choosey..... great choices!!!

  2. This week I chose to go to a spinning class for the first time in a long time, try a pilates class for the first time, and a strength training class! :)

    How was zumba? I'm was thinking of trying it.

  3. Great choices !!! Here are mine
    1. I choose not to give up on learning to do the hula hoop, even though I suspect it is secretly laughing at me by now.
    2.I choose to include high fiber foods in my diet and find new ways to do so.
    3. I choose to continue doing 30 minutes of rowing every day.
    4.I will NOT look at the displays of Valentines Day candy, seeking out the dark chocolate and justify eating the 85 percent cocoa stuff because it is an antioxidant.

  4. Great choices. I am going to choose to return to my old grocery habit of shopping only the perimeter of the store. Staying out of the aisles with the cans and boxes of things I don't want or need.

  5. Today I choose to start Weight Watchers over!

  6. This week I chose to go work it even when my body ached from being old and tired. :) by the way I have gone to zumba and thought it rocked! did you have fun?

  7. Hi Suzi. Wow! All those positive choices! You are having a great week.

    This week I chose to tackle a few jobs I usually feel unable to face. I still felt unable to face them, but forced myself through it and feel better about myself for having done so.

    Bearfriend xx

  8. I should use my slow cooker more. I'll have to plan for that in the next menu cycle.

    You made heaps of great choices.

  9. those are some great choices! I need to focus on that sometimes instead of what I DIDN'T get done. I also just made a note to look up my slow cooker recipes!!

  10. What a great post to read today. I think I chose to have a bad day today. Feeling tired and slugish. Thank you for reminding me that I have a say, a choice in how my day goes!!! :)

    You made some great choices!!!

  11. I love this post. It's so upbeat! Those are some wonderful choices.

  12. I chose to not binge when I
    was really down one day because I knew it just wouldn't make me feel better ..And now I feel good about that.

    Good for you on all the new good things you have going on .

  13. What is Zumba? It's good to treat yourself. Make your healthy lifestyle pay

  14. I chose to eat fish fry when I probably shouldn't have.

    Zumba. Want to do that really bad, but don't have the money for classes.

  15. I've always wanted to try Zumba!

    Great choices! especially the pink gym back, lunch bag and workout top but I'm a little biased when it comes to pink :-)

  16. Zumba sounds fun.

    I've had fun with choices this week. Loving the positivity!

  17. Ah! One of the things I most missed while I was away was the combination of your wonderful posts and the great comments they inspire. Suzi, you really have this almost magical way of thinking, and it seems to bring out the best in everyone.

    1. I chose to face my blog again.
    2. I chose to get back on the horse.
    3. I chose to face my fears.
    4. I chose to be reasonable about my time limits, and not agree to things I didn't really have time for.

  18. What great choices! I love how you're celebrating the good things!!!

  19. Choices are empowering! I like all of yours! :o)