Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's plan...

First off i woke up this morning with a huge bruise on my hand!! I was looking in boxes last night and must have bumped it. Blood thinners suck some times.

So i need to get the hubs and my lunches and dinners ready (mine to take to work). I need to cut his hair after lunch. Then it's yoga and finally hit the shower before work!!

Watched a video that made sense about protein and fibre: Enjoy!

Nothing major interesting here today :) What are you up to today???


  1. Hope the bruise heals quickly.

    Rest day for me so it's just a gentle stroll to work and back.

  2. Hope the bruise heals quickly for ya

    yoga sounds good i love me some good yoga lol

  3. I hope your head heals fast. Nothing exciting here today! Just regular everyday life. Sometimes that's good though.

  4. Basically today I am getting back to basics ....sounds so boring, but it works for me. hope your hand is better soon. Thanks for the video by the way, it gave me some ideas.



  5. Boring days are sometimes just what we need! Hope you had a good (boring) day!

  6. Ouch. Sorry you hurt your hand. I love the trees!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'm feeling less anxious today. It always helps to talk it over with friends :)

  7. Awh, sorry to hear about ur hand. Hope it heals fast. Thanks for sharing the link. Look forward to seeing it!

  8. I really like that video too. I've been trying to eat more fiber and protein together. It really works!

  9. hope you feel better soon, I hate when I'm not 100%

    protien and fiber... yeah, that's why I cheat and just let Kashi do the blending for me :)

  10. Suzi, I just want to say that I love your blog! I don't always comment, but I really like to read about your day and life.


    Love, Carrieredhead

  11. I have given you a Blog award. You can check it out on my latest post! Congrats!