Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yet another busy day and choices!

My day was going to start by catching the 8:30 A.M bus to get to the YMCA so that i could take another Zumba class, followed by a yoga class. However, yesterday i left the house at 9:30 AM and i didn't get home until 8pm. I was totally drained, so i felt it would be better for me to get some extra sleep and catch up around the house!

I did go to two meeting tonight! The board meeting always has dinner and tonight they had a choice of meat lasagna or veggie lasagna, a cesear salad with dressing on the side and homemade butter tarts.
So what did i have?? Well i chose the veggie lasagna and there didn't seem to be much cheese on it :) i also took lots of salad and instead of pouring the salad directly on i dipped my fork in the dressing as i ate the salad. So i would be lucky if i even had a tbsp! As for the butter tart? I had one. I intentionally thought about it and decided that if i only had one i would be alright with that decision. No guilt, even though i went over my calories but 195 tomorrow is another day :)

Tomorrow i'm off to Michaels craft shop and then it's the YMCA!

Have a great night!!


  1. man it IS all about choices huh?
    for me in everysinglefacet of my life everysingleday.

    Im off to choose to be a good mama even though id rather my child had chosen sleep :)


  2. so i mentioned zumba to my sis the one in the wedding dress lol
    the tiny skinny one

    she says she does it sometimes too
    i had never heard of it until you and now her
    but she says its so much fun you forget its a workout

    i am thinking i really need to try a class

    you are doing amazing
    keep on keepin on :)