Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to normal!!

Or whatever normal is :)  Today i'm off to the bank to get money to grab some groceries, it will be good to get some fresh stuff in the fridge!!

I honestly didn't realize how much that two day course was stressing me. On day two i had a major headache and honestly i can't remember the last time i had a headache.

So today i'm back to my "normal" work schedule and i'll actually be glad to be back to my regular schedule!! I work today and Saturday and then i have 4 days off. Of course i'm going to be busy as usual on my days off but at least i won't be stressed.

Sunday off to Wal Mart for a few supplies,
Monday i will be busy with an afternoon bingo i've helped to plan.
Tuesday i'm going to be getting my photo taken for the board of directors which should be good for a laugh since i'm trying to grow out my hair and honestly when i wake up in the morning and my hair is standing on end the hubs just can't stop laughing at me. So getting a formal picture taken is going to be good for a laugh!!
Wednesday off to the YMCA to play racquetball with the weekly group i meet with.
And then Thursday i'm back to work again :)
All in all a normal week for me.

My plan for the rest of this week is to do some sort of exercise every day, drink my water and eat as much fresh food as i can!!

What are you doing this week??


  1. yay for normal.
    things have been ALL WHACKED OUT here.

    I do long for the normal...

  2. great job getting back on track
    now its my turn to rest right lol

  3. Hi Suzi. Amazing how a sudden burst of learning can be so draining and stressful! I've found this myself. Makes you wonder how children cope with it! Of course they are used to it, doing it everyday.

    Did you feel like your brain was stretched a little?

    Bearfriend xx