Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did something that definitely makes me happy!!

I went for a wonderful walk in the snow :) Beautiful snow, crunching beneath my feet and my mp3 in my ear makes me a very happy camper!! Pictures are below.

And before i went on a walk the door bell rang and i had a parcel. Some products to try from Nature's Path!! I'm definitely looking forward to trying these. That's if i can beat my husband to it :)

Oh and i made another wreath. It was supposed to be for valentines but i think it will work for Christmas. I may even put it on a table with a big round candle in the middle on the coffee table for a Christmas decoration!


  1. The wreath is awesome :) Very pretty!

    I hope you'll review those maple bars...the name alone made me want one.

  2. You left such a sweet comment...thanks!

    You were my inspiration yesterday. After reading about your bus not showing and standing in freezing temps and WIND, I decided to think differently about not having my car.

    As always, love the pics!


  3. love the wreath!! and the winter wonderland you walked iN!

  4. Lovely lovely photos, that wreath is beautiful. Those maple bars look delicious..Your very good with the eye candy Suzi:o)

  5. Beautiful sights, beautiful wreath ! I LOVE the Flax Plus cereal- enjoy !

  6. Love the wreath and hearing that you are happy. That is nice to hear.

  7. We are supposed to get a little snow! Don't laugh, even a dusting of snow makes us Houstonians get all excited! Of course, our snow won't have crunch, but maybe it will look pretty for a few hours.

    What a pretty wreath! And those cereals look great. Can't wait to hear about them.

  8. Wow Suzi. I couldn't have all that food in the house and not eat it until it was gone! Cereal is dangerous for me!

    Bearfriend xx

  9. Another great creation in the wreath! I love the photos. Makes me wish I lived in the snow!