Monday, February 22, 2010

I feel good :)

And i knew that i would!!

Yep i'm singing because honestly it feels like spring is almost here....back up, it felt like spring yesterday before it snowed today :) Right now we've had a big dump of snow and i'm not going out anywhere! Oh well it put an extra spring in my step for a few hours!

Anyway today was an awesome day. I went to an afternoon bingo i'd helped to plan and boy oh boy it was a lot of fun. There's nothing quite like a room full of people shouting B.I.N.G.O

On my way home i stopped at the dollar store to pick up a few things, and since it's one of my all time favorite places i took my time looking up and down the aisles for bargains! Plus i needed some supplies for a craft afternoon this month. I won't mention that a bus never came for me and i waited in blowing snow for 35 minutes till the next one :(

One thing i am proud of is that i didn't touch any of the cookies that were available. Actually i'm the one that brought them and for me to not have even a taste is a win/win in my book :)

Hope you had a good day!


  1. I love bingo!! I just think it's so much fun. And yes, I love dollar stores, too!!!
    Sorry you got stuck waiting for the bus. But great that you stayed away from the cookies!!!

  2. You sound like one amazing lady, always volunteering and organising something enjoyable for others:o)

    It is true that we reap what you sew and I guess you are reaping joyful asmounts of love and fun:o)

    Well done on resisting the cookies:o)

  3. Bingo & dollar stores... my kind of day. :-)

    Good job resisting the cookie temptation!

  4. Spring is ALMOST here! If we could just get rid of all of this snow, huh? Bingo sounds like fun! :) I love looking through dollar stores too.

  5. Bingo is so much fun! I'm glad it turned out and was a good time. :o)

    Sorry you had to wait extra long for the bus! 35 degrees with wind is sooo cold!

  6. Oops! You said, "blowing snow for 35 minutes." *chuckle* What am I going to do with myself?

    Hope you are having a great rest of the day!

  7. Glad the bingo went well. Way to go on staying away from the cookies.

  8. Oh I love Bingo! But I can never keep up with the 'regulars' who play. They are so's like they are professionals!
    Good job on resisting the cookies. That's a hard one for me!

  9. awesome job on not touching those cookies

  10. You did good not touching the cookies they are a weakness of mine. Bingo sounds fun, I have not been in years I will have to lookup a local bingo game. I really enjoy your blogs..

  11. Sounds like a great day to me. I am anxiously awaiting a sign of spring around here. Hope your snow disappears soon.