Monday, February 8, 2010

On my travels today!

These are some of my favorite buildings. I also picked up some cute bowls and some artificial flowers (have to have fake as the cat eats real ones). And here's me rushing to get the bus!

Oh and look what Kashi sent me! I'm going to have to try this:

Tomorrow is going to be just about as crazy as today :)
First i have to fast and take two buses to the specialist for an ultrasound. They are checking my stents to make sure they are where they should be and doing what they're supposed to!

I'm taking my breakfast with me because i want to go walk through the park where i haven't been in ages. After that i think i'll stop and get a coffee at my favorite place, then it's off to a craft afternoon that i help to plan/run!!

After that?? I'm going home to stay in for the night!!

Wednesday?? Well i have two meetings and then it will be off to the YMCA for spinning class :) And that folks will be my last day off this week.


  1. ooh looks like fun!! do let us know how the kashi is...ive never tried it :)

  2. that a new Kashi? I haven't seen that kind. I can't imagine having to get all bundled up like that to go out...that would drive me crazy. I wear flip flops year round :)

  3. Loving your little bowls! How cute!

  4. oh i can see someone is ready for valentines day
    cute bowls

  5. hehehee look at you all bundled up! What a beautiful day though.


  6. What a pretty day! :) You're all bundled up so it must be cold! :) Hope you had a great day.

  7. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like you are one busy lady. :-D
    Path to Health

  8. Kashi sent me cereal today, too! I'm looking forward to trying it for breakfast tomorrow morning! :D

  9. Sounds like a fun day- besides the doctor's appointment! I love your Valentine's day stuff. Pretty flowers!

  10. I'm impressed you can see your buildings!! Ours are covered in snow. :)

    Great pics, tho'. Love the bowls.

  11. Hi Suzi. Lovely to see the photos of where you live.

    Bearfriend xx

  12. Yaaay. More pictures! I love your pics. :)

  13. Suzi, those buildings are beautiful! Wow, it is so CLEAN!

    Looks like you are in the Valentine's mood!

    Gosh, you take the best pictures! I'm so glad I get to see them and share a bit of your joy in the day. :o)

  14. You really do take great pics. You look so cute all bundled up.

    The busier I am the less I think about eating.

    Have a great day!