Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today i tried spinning!!

And boy oh boy did it kick my butt :) I have found out that spinning/bicycling is not my cup of tea!!

However, i did do it for a while and then i went to the weight room and did some awesome things with the dumbbells and the weight machines. And to top it off i went on the treadmill and really worked out hard :)
I'm pretty sure i stunk pretty bad today!!

Before i went to the Y i also made some other healthy decisions today:

I went to two meetings this morning and my plan was to go to a local coffee house to catch up on the net till i had to meet the hubs to go to the YMCA.

I was coming out of the meetings and i had several thoughts about what i was going to do!

First was hop on the bus to the coffee shop. It's so easy to wait for the bus and the weather was not very nice.

Second was "It's only a 15 minute walk and if i do that i'm more likely to feel better and see results on the scale". Because to me it's the little things you do that add up :)

Then i thought "oh but the bus would be easier".

I decided that if i put my mp3 on i would enjoy the walk even if it was snowing. And yes i did!!

I love how little decisions can add up to making my day so much better.

To start the day on the right foot i had an awesome breakfast that was an experiment to try new things!! And wowsa's was it ever good :) I had leftover steel cut oats, banana, peanut butter, maple flakes, cocoa nibs.
A few more calories than i usually have BUT i'm going to a spinning class today for the first time and that's some great fuel to keep my energy up.

All in all a great day today. Now i'm going to go relax.


  1. Good decision to walk instead of ride the bus. I probably would have taken the bus rather than walk in the snow- so great job!

  2. Good for you on walking instead of taking the bus!

    As for spin class, PLEASE try it a few more times. I disliked it very much the first time and now over 2 years later I have my own spin shoes and hubby and I go 3x a week. What do you think it was that made you think it wasn't your cup of tea? Maybe the instructor? music? I'm curious because it's such a great workout!

    Let me know if you need some tips for spinning..I would love to see you try it again!

  3. Good for you for trying spinning! It's always fun to say you're trying new things! I'm with Angie though, please try it again. I don't do it very often but remember hating it my first time too. Now, I don't hate it but unfortunately the classes offered at my gym don't match my schedule (or that I'm too lazy to wake up at 5:30am to go!)

  4. P.S., funny & true story... My mom (ah, how I miss her) went with me to spinning once. It was that time of the month for her and about 20 minutes into it, she got up and left. I finished the class and went to go find her. I asked what happened and she said it felt like her pad was leaking - but when she went to check, it wasn't. I laughed and said well, maybe your just sweating a lot down there!

    uh - is that TMI?

  5. Awesome job on deciding to walk instead of take the bus. "It's cold" is always enough of an excuse for me to not walk. I hate the cold so much that winter makes me incredibly lazy.

  6. *squints*

    did my comment "take?"
    I dont think you want it twice:) about my sore nether regions and how spinning is NOT FOR ME either...

  7. Sounds like an awessome day!

  8. I am fascinated by the spinning people at my gym. :O) They look hard-core. I do not like the stationary bike, so I haven't had tried this out yet.

    You have the best outlook Suzi!