Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly goal update

Last weeks goals:

1. To push myself a little further with exercise-No didn't do

2. Keep drinking the green tea-I did but not consistently

3. Need to tidy up the kitchen, it gets messy when i'm really busy!-I did this :)

4. I tend to eat a lot of my food earlier in the day which doesn't always bother me, but i'd like to spread it out a little more-Actually my eating got way out of hand this week!!
5. Practice my planks-I did once which was not what i had in mind!

This week:

1. I'm going back to 3 meals a day. Snacking all day is just revving up my binge eating. I've got to do what i know works for me.

2. I really need to be upping my exercise and i need to be enjoying my exercise. By that i don't mean doing easy stuff but doing what i know i love to do.

3. I really need to make sure i'm drinking enough water

4. As much as i'd love to be able to eat foods with sugar moderately i just can't. So this week i'm going to stay away from sugar.

5. I'm going to focus on getting back to basics this week and hopefully that will give me the kick start i need.

I didn't have the greatest week!  However, i never give up and hopefully this week will be better :) 


  1. Love your new goals. I tend to have a problem with sugar too. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great this week!

  2. Hi Suzi. Eating any sugar just sets the insulin rolling for me too. And then it's downhill all the way. That's just how some people's system works.

    Hope you have a better week.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. great goals and so realistic!

  4. this healthy living is INDEED a marathon not a sprint huh?
    I have one goal this week: TO BE PRESENT IN ALL I DO.

  5. It really is just one day, even one choice at a time. Your goals are good and attainable - I think that is really smart. The main thing is not to give up, because if you don't - you will get where you want to be!

  6. This is the important thing, that you never give up!

    I was thinking of you when I tried to do the plank at some point...I mused in my head, "I wonder how Suzi is doing with these planks?" Then I collapsed on the floor. ;) Those are dang hard to do.