Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly goal update...

Last weeks goals:

1. I'm going back to 3 meals a day. Snacking all day is just revving up my binge eating. I've got to do what i know works for me.-I did this and i'm actually feeling stronger eating this way!  Too many snacks seem to trigger my binge eating

2. I really need to be upping my exercise and i need to be enjoying my exercise. By that i don't mean doing easy stuff but doing what i know i love to do.-I've absolutely LOVED my exercise this week. Could i have done more? Possibly, but i'm quite happy with what i did do :)

3. I really need to make sure i'm drinking enough water-I have had at least 8 cups of water a day and usually 2 cups of green tea

4. As much as i'd love to be able to eat foods with sugar moderately i just can't. So this week i'm going to stay away from sugar.-I did and i do feel better because of it

5. I'm going to focus on getting back to basics this week and hopefully that will give me the kick start i need.-It has given me exactly what i wanted.

So last week i get an A+++++ it was one terrific week!!

This weeks goals:

1. I've been planning two days meals at a time and i like to plan a weeks in advance.

2. Pick up the weights.  I will also be doing zumba with my group this week!

3. Meet up with my walking group on Monday. Take a walk in the park on the way :)

4. Tidy the house. (new couch is coming on Tuesday and it would be nice if the house looked good)

5. Stay strong with a smile!!


  1. I'm like you - snacking during the day is one step on the road to disaster, unless it is something healthy like a piece of fruit. I try to have just one snack in the evening and even then I stay away from the "good" stuff and stick to safer foods like 94% fat free popcorn. Darn!

  2. I love your positive attitude. :) You seem like such a happy person all of the time and it's refreshing. Keep it up! Great new goals for the week and good job on completing all of them last week!

  3. Way To Go on the A+++++

    I just found your weight loss blog and I'm happy that I did. Your weekly goals are great and your attitude is awesome!


  4. Nice job on this week! I'm the same with having meals, I need them to be separate and clearly defined. Lots of sources say that you should eat a lot of small amounts often, but it means you have to be really strict with how much, and that just never works for me.

  5. I do better with just 3 meals and one snack a day too!

  6. Awesome job on your goals!!!!

  7. Yeah, you trampled those goals this week!

  8. solidarity with you on NUMBER FIVE this week!


  9. Hey you did good on your goals last week and I like the one for this week. Keep up the good work.

  10. you do get an A+++++++++++++
    from me

  11. Just thought I would let you know I had to restart my blog...

    So..I'm at a new location :)


  12. Whenever you talk of water consumption I remember something you wrote about drinking so much water last year that you could swim in it! You are my water hero! :o)

    I love your goals and your outlook, here's to another great week! *cheers*