Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another day another walk :)

Yes i got to sleep in a bit today and i energized with cocoa banana pancakes with syrup!! The sun was out so i definitely took advantage of it.

This is my balance beam while i'm out walking:

These i use to do my step ups:

This i use to do my tricep dips:

This i use for pull-ups:

And yes i get to go to another first aid course tonight taught by a very cute fireman :) And no i won't be eating the pizza they're giving us 3 nights in a row!


  1. As always great pics. Hey now where is the First Aid class and the cute fireman. Also I love the pancakes how about the recipe.

  2. I hope they're teaching CPR to resuscitate anyone who's having a heart attack from all that pizza!

    Beautiful photos - thanks for showing us your workout equipment! Where there's a will, there's a way!

  3. please, a recipe for those yummy looking pancakes!
    have fun with your cute fireman tonight! ;)

  4. Those pancakes look amazingly yummy. I've probably told you a million times by now that I can't make pancakes. I really suck at it. LOL

    Beautiful scenery. It's gorgeous here. Almost 70. Not usual this time of year for these parts.

  5. Well that's the kind of workouts I like...FREE! You have some awesome will power to be able to turn down pizza FOR 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW!

  6. great photo trip through your day today!

    My brother is a fireman and does firstaid courses! haha Not in your province though! teehee!

  7. wow those pictures are cool looking..iam using my ramp as my walking and my exercises too..my cats kinda think iam crazy but thats okay..lol boy those pancakes look good..have a great day! loveya,kelli

  8. looks like a great day
    yummy pancakes

  9. I've been meaning to make pancakes! I need to get with it this weekend.

    Ooh-la-la! Fireman! *ding, ding, ding* There's a fire over here officer! *big goofy smile*

    I'm glad you got some sleep. :o)