Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I wouldn't mind more days like this :)

Started today by getting up early! I had to meet two friends to go to the Dollar Store for supplies for our craft afternoon :) I love the Dollar store!

Back home had lunch and then went for a nice afternoon walk (with sprints of course)

Yesterday i bought 2 cadbury cream eggs because i had planned to have one with the hubs Monday after our easter dinner (i'm working all weekend!). I cannot believe how small they've become, they are half the size they used to be :(

Are you going to pre-plan your easter dinner?? Are you going to have any easter candy??


  1. Yeah, they definitely got smaller...I noticed that last year. It's probably for the best, but I notice the price didn't go down accordingly!

    That's a wacky looking tomato, lady :)

  2. Is that tomato blue?? I love those eggs! I am going to stay away from them this Easter. I could put a lot of those little things away. ;)

  3. Mmmm Creme Eggs are my favorite - they even have Creme Egg McFlurry's here! They are even more delicious - but also evil!! Your lunch looks lovely too - all fresh and delicious!

  4. Well, we never got Easter off at college. I've not celebrated it since. So, we'll probably just have a normal dinner. Or, I'll liven it up a bit, but it will still be healthy. :)

  5. My little 'inner child'/food addict whatever was feeling mighty deprived walking past the Easter candy time and time again. I pulled out an old basket and set it up in the dining room. I bought a few food and non food items-a Dove Dark Chocolate Bunny, sugar free peeps, and a couple of little easter eggs which I've had 2 this week now. Leading up to figuring out what I would purchase was harder than actually purchasing it. I'm taking my time and will enjoy it over the weekend. Having it there has been better than feeling deprived while looking longingly at it everytime I went to a store. We go out for Easter lunch, so don't know where yet on that.

  6. I thought they were getting smaller! Man, glad to know I'm not crazy.

    Not sure yet about the candy situation.