Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Question day once again!! Happy St Patrick's Day

1. Is there anything you've wanted to try/do and have never done it??

2. What is your favorite flavor of yogurt??

3. Do you own a cell phone??

4. Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?? Green beer anyone??

5. Where are your feet right now??? :)

6. Pickle or olive??



    meh, none :)

    YES and I lovelovelove my CLIQ

    Dont celebrate


    dont like either.

    huh. I DULL TODAY!


  2. Rent a villa in Tuscany.

    Plain yogurt - Fage 0%

    Can't live without the cell phone!

    I'm wearing my green. No beer please.

    On the edge of a bar stool at my kitchen counter in Boca Raton, Florida.

    I'll take both!

  3. 1. Tour Great Britain--I'm talking picnics in fields and rolling hills of England and Ireland

    2. Vanilla with chopped apple, pecans, granola

    3. cell phone yes. but on my terms . I only turn it on when I want to make a call.

    4. pretty in pink now, but may at least wear green later. My food addict self wants to eat irish soda bread..aint happenin

    5. In warm slippers in my recliner

    6. Both please

  4. 1. Nothing that I can think of !
    2Plain, nonfat yogert because of the possibilities
    3. Yes
    4.We have corned beef and soda bread. I don't drink anymore so all that beer is wasted on me !
    5. on the floor at the end of my legs olive !

    And Happy St Pats to you !!!!

  5. 1 ski

    2 strawberry banana

    3 no

    4 i am wearing green but thats bout it
    i dont drink

    5 on the floor
    6 none

  6. Top o' the mornin to you!!

    !.Take the train coast to coast though Canada.

    2 Greek 0%Fat, so so good.

    3. Just had a Purple Blackberry for my birthday:o)

    4. We don't celebrate it as such but I am from a strong Irish background. My day passed away on this day 25 years ago, he made sure we would never forget the date;o)
    5. Onthe end of my legs free from shoes as I have my lunch break and catch up with Suzi's Wednesday Questions;o)

    6. Both depending on circumstances, I find olives taste much nicer in the Mediterrean than in England...

  7. 1.Live in a beach-side cottage for an entire year!
    2.Liberte Coconut Greek style's full of fat, but so delicious
    3.Yep, but it's a sucky can't get cool ringtones in Russia
    4.Yes, I just got back from my son's kindergarten class, where we had a little party (sugar cookies with green icing and sprinkles, and St.Paddy's Day stickers). As for green beer? No thanks! I hate beer! (I've developed a taste for tequila, however...)
    5.Tucked under my legs/butt. I'm sitting cross-legged!
    6.Pickles. I can eat olives on pizza or chopped finely in a salad. That's it.

    A big *mwah* to Mr. Snuffleuppagus (sp?), Suzi's cat!

  8. I love question day!

    Hey! Check out my new blog!

  9. 1. Running
    2. Plain - I like to dress it up myself.
    3. Blackberry
    4. No
    5. In my slippers
    6. Pickle

  10. 1)This is hard to narrow down to one thing but I've never worn heals before. EVER. Would love to wear them and a dress and look good!

    2)French Vanilla or blueberrie
    3)Yes, Blackberry.
    5)Under the computer desk :)
    6)Definitely Pickles!!

    Happy St.Patty's Day!!!

  11. 1. Too many things to count! Lots of food, travel to certain places, sports...

    2. Plain.

    3. Yes, but I don't own any regular phone.

    4. No.

    5. Under a blanket. :)

    6. Both. But if I HAVE to chose one it would be olives. Very important in cooking and salads.

  12. Oh boy I love your question day... This cheers me up.

    1. Hang Glide

    2. Blackberry

    3. Yep

    4. Yes, I love St. Paddy's day

    5. In a new pair of shoes that fit.

    6. Pickle - do not like any kind of olive

  13. 1. Live on a houseboat.
    2. Coffee flavoured
    3. LG Neon slide
    4. Don't celebrate it
    5. In a pair of neon pink Crocs
    6. Both--as long as the pickle is a real, kosher dill (Vlasek is crap)

  14. 1. go to hawaii
    2. light n' fit cherry vanilla
    3. yup, blackberry
    4. nope
    5. on my little stool under my desk (i'm vertically challenged)
    6. don't like either

  15. 1. Have twins!
    2. Blueberry
    3. Of course!
    4. Don't celebrate officially
    5. Up on my desk!
    6. Green ollives!

  16. 1. ...too naughty to write here! LOL

    2. Lemon (Liberte!)

    3. Yes!

    4. We had a nice irish dinner and I had a sip of the husbands Guiness

    5. just below the ankles!

    6. pickles... umm.. olives... no.. pickles.... Olives....tough call!

  17. My answers:
    O.k my answers :)
    1. Go to an all inclusive resort! Hopefully in the future
    2. I actually don't have a favorite i love them all
    3. I have one but it isn't charged and i have to put time on it :( I do have a land line though!
    4. I had a light beer if that counts! And i did eat green veggies.
    5. In my favorite sneakers right now
    6. Olive for sure!