Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Nature's Path Organics

A while ago Nature's Path was kind enough to send me some cereals and a box of their new granola bars to try! As you know i love trying new things and freebies are always welcome :)
I don't eat cereal everyday so it has taken me a while to try them all :) That cannot be said of the granola bars which disappeared in this house within days!! I believe the hubby took them, but he's says it could have been Snuffy.

So i'll start with the Mmmaple pecan flax plus granola bars These were sooooo good! I have a very sweet tooth and these bars were definitely to my liking. If you don't like really sweet you might not like them as much. But they really were one of the best granola bars i had tasted. They are vegetarian and although they had quite a few ingredients none were anything i would have a problem with. I give this one 2 thumbs up :)

Next i tried the Mesa Sunrise and the Crunchy Maple Sunrise. These are both organic and gluten free. The Mesa Sunrise is also wheat free and low sodium, it is made from corn, rice, flax, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. 
While the Crunchy Maple Sunrise is a good source of fiber and contains .15mg of omega 3 per serving and is made from flax, corn and amaranth!! Not bad, not bad at all.
So how did they taste? I have to admit i love cereals that aren't just one grain or texture. I loved the Crunchy Maple sunrise, it had little corn pop's, small rice crisipies and little flakes and smelled and tasted a wonder maple flavor. The Mesa Sunrise i liked but i liked it better when mixed with other cereals! Would i buy these, indeed i would any day.

I tried the Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch to be honest i loved using this as a topping on yogurt or fruit. Tasted like a granola to me :) And since it's high fibre, whole grain and it gives you 5g of fibre and 15% of iron definitely made it a healthy choice. But that said 3/4 c for 220 calories is a little high for me. When i eat cereal i like to have a good bowlful.

Last but not least are the Corn Flakes which are fruit juice sweetened. These are gluten free and low fat. What i loved about them is their ingredients: organic corn meal, organic grape and/or pear juice concentrate, sea salt! 
Honestly i was really impressed with the ingredients. I must admit i'm not a huge corn flake fan but i did love mixing these with the other cereals.

All in all i was really happy to try these cereals and other than the corn flakes i'll be buying again. Thanks Nature's Path for giving me a chance to try some new things and finding some new favorites!!


  1. Yum. the mmmaple pecan bars sound good!

  2. We frequently buy the Natures Path products. :-)

  3. I have heard of these but never tried them, they do look nice.