Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A very late question day!!

Sorry i only just remembered it is Wednesday!

1. Favorite muffin??

2. What's on your wish list??

3. How many pets do you have?? Names??

4. What's your favorite topping for hot dogs??

5. What is your favorite recipe for chicken??

Have fun :)


  1. 1. Favorite muffin??
    I like scones not muffins and blueberry or plain

    2. What's on your wish list??
    a speedo aquabeat waterproof mp3 player that clips on my goggle strap

    3. How many pets do you have?? Names??
    I have 5: Loona 90lb husky shepard dog, Joolz a 75 pound boxer, hound,herding dog mix, Sugar an old fluffy siamese lookin kitty, Foxy Lady also a kitty and Shadow our third kitty.

    4. What's your favorite topping for hot dogs?? tomatoes sliced fresh in half circles

    5. What is your favorite recipe for chicken?? Noho's(local place) BBQ sauce and grilled white meat only please.

  2. Never had a muffin -- how bad is that lol.

    Wish list -- hmmm, top will always be that my daughter is somehow part of a miracle - but apart from that....I have always wished that I could sing with Placido biggy really roflol.

    I have two West Highland White Terriers, Rosie is mum to Daisy.

    Onions and tomato ketchup

    Chicken and horseradish sauce with green beans and creamed potato.
    Brown and 1/2 cook chicken breast. In pan on high heat put 1/2 pint stock, 1tbs flour, 2tsps butter..whisk with balloon contiunously till thickened, add tarragon, and horseradish to taste (lots of it) put chicken back in pan, cover and cook for 20 mins on low heat.

  3. 1. Raisin Bran with a touch of honey drizzled on top.

    2. New Lululemon pants. Mine are too big (yay!)

    3. None. :(

    4. Mustard. I'm classic like that.

    5. I'm a vegetarian, so no chicken recipes here.

  4. 1. Banana chocolate chip.

    2. Camera lens.

    3. No pets.

    4. Ketchup only for me. But when I was little I liked to melt cheese on them and crush up chips on them too.

    5. I'm just kidding, that's gross :) There's a really good chicken at the Keg but I can't remember what it's called.

  5. 1. Bran muffin with lots of raisins
    2. A real wish?? A knee that works and doesn't hurt!
    3. We have one cat named Jelly Bean.
    4. Mustard, ketchup and relish
    5. Slow cooked in the oven, rubbed with olive oil, garlic, cumin and stuffed with a lemon and an onion.

  6. 1. Apple and Cinnamon.

    2. All my wishes have come true this past weeek:o)

    3. One Jack Russell cross called Titch.

    4. Ketchup and Mustard.

    5. Roast chicken with garlic and herbs.

    I did;o)...have fun xx

  7. Banana nut

    baseball glove

    4 room for pets

    honestly couldn't tell you the last time I had a hot dog. We usually splurge for brats round these parts and I like them with sauerkraut.

    Just a good chicken breast on the grill would suit me fine.