Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly goal update...

This week has been an awesome one (well besides hubs getting sick). I started sprinting on my walks and i love it, it's so freeing!! Work has been busy so my days there have gone by fast so far. Hubs is well again! And tomorrow he's going to go buy a new bbq and some steak!

Last weeks goals:
1. Try to listen to my body more, eat when hungry, stop when satisfied!-I actually have and so far i'm doing great :)

2. Drink water-I'm working on this one! Did drink water every day but i would like to be drinking more.

3. Get some de-cluttering done-Wanted to but didn't end up doing it :(

This weeks goals:
1. keep working on my water intake

2. 15 minutes everyday to declutter

3. Keep doing my sprints and hopefully run a little further each time!

4. Do the 5K walk with my walking group on tomorrow

5. Have fun!!!!!


  1. I think your goals are good and very doable. Drinking enough water is important and one that I still struggle with.
    Have fun on your 5k walk!

  2. I tend to slow down on the water consumption as they day goes by. I too, need to drink more water.

  3. I especially like the 15 minutes to declutter- goal. I could seriously make use of that too! Sounds like you some good goals for this week again! Good luck!

  4. I can relat to all those goals, I am needing to get back on track now, these goals are being adopted as from now:o) Thanks Suzi

  5. De-cluttering for me is a never ending process. As soon as I declutter one thing, something else needs de-cluttered. Do you think I could be just moving the 'clutter' from one aspect of my life (or place) to another??? haa haa haa