Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another fantastic day!

Started today by getting some cleaning done. Hate housework but it has to be done.

After that i went on a walk/run! Came home for lunch and then off on the bike with the hubs to go to one of my favorite stores The Bulk Barn :)

Is anyone else having a problem with blogger uploading pictures today??? It's doing it on both my computers so i'm presuming it's bloggers fault.

If there are any computer tech's out there that could help i'd really appreciate it.

I've downloaded pictures on to the computer and it shows them uploading but then nothing!!


  1. Sorry, I'm tech challenged so no help here.

    I'm with ya on the housework. I kept using my sciatica as an excuse, but that is wearing thin. I'll be having to start doing a little better job soon. :)

  2. Blogger has been a little wonky lately. It let me upload pics, but has been loading a lot of sites slower than molasses.

    Are we allowed molasses in clean eating? LOL Now I'm thinking about ginger bread ...

  3. Blogger is always acting nuts. I just roll with it. Tomorrow it will be fine...or not. Hell, what do I know.

    Love ANOTHER fantastic day!

  4. Blogger did that to me a couple weeks ago..it was fine the next day...:S lol