Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to work!

Today i'm back to working slinging coffee, donuts and danishes :) And no i won't be eating any of them!!

But first i went on a walk: I didn't know that squirrels liked sun bathing :) Do you see him on the fence?


  1. You have black squirrels! My brother lives in the mid west and they have black squirrels.......we only have gray ones here in MD. :-)

  2. Years ago I worked as the baker for a doughnut shop. First week I nibbled, but since then the smell of any kind of fried dough makes me sick to my stomach.I think working around sweets is a great way to cure any desire for them !And hello Mister Squirrel ! We only seem to have red and grey ones here.

  3. I saw a black squirrel here in Wallingford PA on a golf course years ago. Totally black - I didn't know there was such a thing and thought my eyes were tricking me!

    If I worked in a place like you do, I'd be the size of a sports arena. (without the sports)

  4. Nice pictures. Love the one of the squirrel laying down! :)

  5. we just saw our first black squirrel when we were visiting washington, dc a couple of weeks ago. so cute to see him chillaxing on the fence like that!

  6. Hi Suzi. I don't know how you manage not to touch the food! I would find that job torture.

    Great shots of the squirrel - I too did not know that there were black ones.

    Bearfriend xx